6 fashion items definitely made for petite women.

I’ll admit it now – I’m 4 foot 9 and a half – the half counts alright! I sometimes struggle when it comes to looking fashionable, simply because I’m on the petite side of the scale. Not all shops cater for us littlun’s but there are some clothing items made especially for us!

  1. In soles – You know when you fall in love with shoes, but your feet are so small that they are a little (okay…maybe way toobig? Well, that’s what in soles are for. They make your feet that extra bit comfy (especially in heels) but they can also make your foot rise in the shoe, making the shoes feel tighter. Clever, eh!
  2. Culottes – In the past I’ve said I can’t get away with these, but I’ve discovered that they work really well with heels. Heels are my nemesis sometimes because they hurt a lot when you walk around all day in them but if they look good then I can bare it – just! Things that fall just below my knee make me look taller. I’m not saying no to that!
  3. Cigarette Trousers – Cigarette trousers are a blessing – for me at least. I try to steer away from patterns and stick to plain cigarette trousers. These graze just above my ankles and are great with heels – as usual. I love wearing these in the summer with trainers. Comfy and fashionable, it’s a perfect combo for me.
  4. Knee length skirts – Knee length skirts are a hit and miss. Mostly they are a hit. Being short I struggle with skirts, but knee length ones are great for me. They may work for you.
  5. High Waisted Skinny Jeans – Ahh…high waisted skinny jeans. I love them! Again, with heels they can make your legs look longer. Even wearing flats and skinnies can make your legs appear longer. I personally love my black leather skinny jeans but you can get them in any colour.
  6. V-Neck Blouse – A v-neck blouse gives me the illusion of having some height. I normally wear a white blouse, but again there’s many different colours.

    Is there anything I’ve missed? Let me know below in the comments or on my social media. 


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