I support the Northern Powerhouse.

The term “Northern Powerhouse” has been mentioned a lot, and will continue to be mentioned for the foreseeable future. It has become somewhat of a buzzword in the political lexicon.

But what is it?

Essentially, it’s an attempt to collect the North’s population together so that it could begin to rival that of London and the South East.

In time, it should become a physical “thing”, but at the moment, it’s a concept.

What will it hope to do?

There’s a North-South imbalance, the Northern Powerhouse hopes to put that right.

It also hopes to attract investment into northern cities and towns.

The North has strong manufacturing, science, technology and service sectors in my opinion, so it’s a great area!

But, there may be some confusion after what the North is. Manchester? York? Leeds?Newcastle? Sheffield?

There are many cities and towns in the North.

For me, I’m out of the North when I’m in York, but that’s just my opinion having lived in a small town prior to living in a city.

But my actual viewpoint is that if we want to be collective, then we have to be classed collectively.

Who’s been talking about it?

There was a big talk down in Manchester last week about it. There was a two day Northern Powerhouse conference where people from the North came together to discuss it.

There were some speakers and businesses from the North East attending which was great to see too!

Why don’t they just do it?

There may be some issues – travelling between cities in the North can take a while. The North is a big area. There are ways to improve this though!

Culturally, towns and cities are different too.

Why do I support it?

Now you have some idea about what the Northern Powerhouse is, I can now tell you why I support it.

The North East alone is a strong area, culturally and economically if we look at our industries. It can be even stronger if we band together with larger cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, York and Leeds. It’s about strength. It’s about putting London and the South on an equal pedestal with the North.

There is a need for the Northern Powerhouse.

It’s a good thing for me – and I needn’t say more.


Do you support the Northern Powerhouse? Why? Why not? Let me know below in the comments or on my social media accounts.


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