What sparked my interest in reading and writing?

NOTE: This article was originally posted by me on Crosby Book Pleasure.


I’m training to be a journalist. It automatically means that I’m interested in reading and writing. It’s actually pretty hard to answer the question – “what do you do?” as I do a lot!

It’s a tough question but I’d say that I “do” writing. That doesn’t make much sense grammatically, so I’d say that I write. I write everyday. It could be an article for the university platforms I work on, an article for the sites that I write for or a post for my blog. I’ve given myself a target of writing on my blog everyday; it’s going well so far!

I also “do” radio. As well as being a breakfast news reader on Spark 107 FM, I’m also a co-presenter for a show that focuses on mental health – it’s called Mentally Sound. I write for that too as I have to write interview questions and I sometimes write down the news stories that we are going to discuss.

So, in short – I write. Collectively, I’m a writer.

However, I’m also a reader. I read the news, I read course books (I’m a journalism student!) and I read books for leisure – when I can.

The next question is – what made me get interested in reading and writing?

In all honesty, I can’t remember. I’ve always loved English though. (A vague answer, I know!) Again, I can’t really remember or pinpoint why. I guess I’d have to say that it was a passion that I’ve had since childhood. I was enthused by sparkly pens and paper and I loved books. I still do – although maybe not the sparkly pens!

I enjoyed the reading tests; spelling not so much! I enjoyed going to the book box and picking out a book. I think it was the thought of going into another world for a little while – 5 to 10 minutes at most at that age. But it was enough then!

In the final year of first school (Year 4, at the age of 9) I can remember having to write a Mr Men book. I was ecstatic! I still have the book…somewhere.

Moving onto secondary (or middle school), we did a lot of reading. I remember studying the Jabberwocky, Kensuki’s Kingdom and the Tempest.

I fell in love with writing even more when I was in Year 8, at the age of 13.

I remember having to write a short diary entry about how it felt to be in the Second World War. From then on, I was hooked.

I wrote as much as I could but this project carried on for a number of years until I was around 18. I’ve lost all of the poems and diary entries that I wrote, but I think it was this that sparked my passion for reading and writing. If I could pinpoint it to one single moment then that would be it.

From then on, writing and reading have been my interest. I went through phases of wanting to teach English, to study English Language and Linguistics and English Literature, but I settled on journalism at the age of 18. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out and three long years later, I’m back to Journalism, again!



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