My Mental Health Experience: Me, my depression and anxiety.

This week’s mental health experience post is from anonymous – for now.

My diagnosis of depression and anxiety came in January 2012.

Looking back, it’s obvious that this has been an issue most of my adult life, and has affected the way I’ve lived & behaved.

I’ve had lots of different jobs, and never really settled into any of them.

I always thought that it was me, but realise now that it was the environment that never suited.

Being made to fit in with people who I often had nothing in common with made me anxious, and resulted in random behaviour and other issues.

Realising this has been the most important part of my life.

From that point, I left my job and took time out to heal.

With the help of my husband and close friends and family, I took my life back to nothing, and slowly built it back up to suit what I needed to be happy & healthy.

Self-employment has allowed me to work, which is very important both financially and emotionally, but also to remain in control.

I take anti-depressants daily, and still fall back onto the CBT therapy I went through if things become difficult.

I know how to spot signs now if I’m becoming unwell again, so can act on them to stop my mental health deteriorating.

I’m fully aware that my support network helped me to recover, but maintain the importance of the ‘you’ in getting better.

The only person who came really take control is you, and if I had not done that and continued to focus on this, I would not be where I am today.


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