Student Summary #2

I can’t wait till week 6 to give you a lowdown of what’s happened since the start of semester two, so I thought I’d tell you all now! A lot has happened and I can’t wait to share it with you! NOTE: I am not writing this to sound big headed at all, I just want to share what’s been happening!

  1. I’m now officially a blogger for the Huffington Post – specifically Huffington Post Young Voices! I got my first post on there last week and I’ll be writing two more this week.

You can read it here: I Am Determined to Go Into Journalism – Despite Having a Disability.

2. I got a double page spread in the new Spark Magazine for my interview with Alastair Stewart OBE. If you live in Sunderland, you can pick up a free copy. I’ll see if I can get a PDF version for you, if you don’t!


Apologies for the amount of carpet!


I was also featured in an article on the Day in a Life of a Spark News Reader. There’s a few typo’s, but I didn’t write it!

3. I was a guest speaker for a module at university. I got my first taste of lecturing as it were. I talked about my blog and about how important design, layout, branding, content and social media is. I really enjoyed it and I can definitely see myself lecturing at university.


© Sophie Dishman.

Don’t I look the part!Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 18.55.46

4. I spoke about exactly what caused my mental health problems in an interview with Anna Foster on BBC Newcastle. It’ll be broadcast sometime this week. It’s taken me three years to tell anyone.

5. I got two articles on Marie Claire UK – one on Buddhism and discrimination and one on ageism and how I feel I’m hindering my grandma and her strength.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 18.55.25
Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 18.55.46

My posts on Marie Claire UK.

6. I interviewed Alastair Stewart OBE (the man from ITV) and Natalie Bennett – the Green Party leader – again!

You can watch the interview with Alastair here and one of the videos with Natalie Bennett here. I’ve covered so many amazing events as a reporter, but these two have to be the best so far in semester two!

7. I featured on BBC Newcastle with Anna Foster (you can listen to it here – I start at 1.21.00). I also featured on Heart, Capital and Smooth, but unfortunately they don’t have a playback option.

8. I got my first byline in a magazine that wasn’t university based! I volunteer with Morph Magazine as a resident blogger.


I’ll be writing a few more posts for them this week too which I’m excited about.

9. I got my grades finalised for semester one – a 1st (78%) and a 2.1 (68%).

AND FINALLY MY BIGGEST NEWS that I’ve been waiting to tell you all…

10. I’ve been nominated for two national awards – the Student Publication Association Outstanding Commitment to SR News award and the Best Interview award for my interview with Alastair Stewart.

And there you have it.


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