A Day in the Life with Extra-Curricular Activities.

Today’s a Day in the Life is a little different – I hope you don’t mind!

You may remember Hafzah from a previous day in the life article, where she spoke about what it was like to be a PR student. This time she talks about how she deals with her extra curricular activities on the side and how important it is when studying to be a PR practitioner.

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© Permission to use from Hafzah Zamir.

How would you describe the term extra-curricular?

I would describe it as an activity that I do in my spare time that helps me gain experience and will benefit me in the future.

Can you give me some examples as to what extra-curricular activities you do?

Besides doing my degree, which is my main priority, I also hold two managerial jobs that relate to my degree. I am a social media manager and a PR and marketing manager.

Besides that, I am also a blogger (A Quirk Of Fashology), a radio host on Spark FM, a student representative, a writer for multiple online websites, an author working on two books and am in the midst of beginning my first set of short films.

I am not the type to be braggadocios, however considering I have just surpassed the halfway mark of my degree, I feel I have achieved a lot and I am incredibly proud.

How do you manage your degree and your extra-curricular activities?

“Managing your time is the most important thing you can do. If you try to do 100 things at once and don’t prioritise, you will literally end up all over the place!” Jed Choudrè, designer at Double Concentrate.

In the early Double Concentrate days where I first began my role as a social media manager, Jed explained to me that before I started my extra curricular activities, I should manage my time well and establish my priorities.

As an angsty first year, of course I didn’t listen, but he was right.

I eventually bought a diary and learned how to prioritise and schedule.

It changed my life.

I always make a weekly routine filled with goals. Each morning, I make a daily plan whilst on my way to university which is filled with goals that I want to achieve that day.

Why do you do extra-curricular activities?

On the first day of my degree, Diane Green, my lecturer told us that in Public Relations, two people can go for the same job.

Someone can get a 2:2 but have years of experience in different fields and can go up with someone who has a 1st and the person with the 2:2 would could get the job because they have more real life experience.

This always stuck in my mind, because I knew that I was not the brainiest, but I sure am a hard worker.

I want to have a portfolio of work that I am proud to show when I graduate.

Would you encourage students to take up extra-curricular activities?

I would always encourage students to pursue extra-curricular activities. However, I would also recommend that students step out of their professional field.

Yes, I study PR but my extra-curricular activities branch out from journalism to radio.

This allows you to have a lot more control as to what you want to do once you graduate.

One last piece of advice?

Be prepared to work your butt off.

I know that I may not have the most incredible social life and yes, there are some nights where I don’t sleep but at the end of the day I know this is going to pay off when I have a good job and thats when I know I can rest…comfortably.


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