7 Student Lifestyle Myths Debunked!

The student lifestyle – many people want to go back to it after they graduate. It must be so great – it is, of course! There are many myths about students and sometimes we are given a bad name. But today’s post is all about debunking student myths.

  • All students do is drink alcohol.

Nada. Not true. I don’t drink alcohol. Therefore not all students drink alcohol. There are many reasons for this, some personal, others not so personal. It’s a choice and not everyone takes the choice of having alcohol. Students don’t always drink alcohol on a night out either.

  • Students always do all-nighters in the library.

While some students may do this, again not every student does. The latest I’ve stayed up is 12.30am and that was because I was engrossed in a book I was reading! While they may be common for students on some courses and in the final year, it isn’t reality for everyone!

  • Students are lazy.

Again, that’s not true. Don’t tar everyone with the same brush. While some students may be “lazy”, it’s certainly not true for everyone. It also depends on how you define lazy. Is it people that don’t turn up for lectures? Is it the people who don’t do an extra curricular activities? Is the people that don’t keep their student digs as clean as they should be? It’s your own definition, but they’ll be many students that don’t fit your definition.

  • Students only go to university just for the social side.

I hope this isn’t true for most people. But alas, there may be people who want to experience the social side more than the educational side. Personally, I’m more for the educational experience, but that’s not to say that I don’t want to experience the social side too. Everyone goes to university for different reasons, but I’m sure the educational side matters to people too.

  • It isn’t difficult being a student – it’s all fun and games.

I can tell you hands down that being a university student is a big jump from A Level and college or high school if you are reading this in the US! It may be someone’s first time living away from home and being independent. It’s not easy to start off with – it’s a big scary world. You’ve got deadlines, pressures from others to go out and party, to attend sports clubs and societies, to pay bills etc. It’s difficult! While it may not be as difficult as “the real world” is certainly can be difficult. Fun and games can happen, but the difficulties don’t go away!

  • Students can’t cook.

I’m proof that we can. When I first went to university I couldn’t cook a lot so I relied on ready meals. I could cook pasta – which was a start. I used to burn mince, would cook meat for far too long and would undercook my veg. But gradually I learnt and so do other students. It’s a learning process. Some people don’t move out of their parent’s house and still get their meals cooked for them, but they’ll have to move out sometime so they have to know how to cook.

  • A student’s student loan goes on things that aren’t for their course.

I must admit that I did spend a lot of money on clothes last year! But this year, I’ve bought things for my course – books, magazines and newspapers as well as other journalism student necessities. Of course, many students can get carried away, but if you think about it – the bus to get to university and other related things have costs. That gets us to our course, but it isn’t directly related. So this is partially true, but it’s understandable for those that don’t go too wild!

What do you think? Are there any student lifestyle myths that I’ve missed and you’d like me to debunk?

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