A Day In The Life With…Series Launch.

I’m launching another series to coincide with the My Mental Health Experience blog series. It’ll mean I have four series’ on the go, but I love bringing you regular content!

So what is this series about? 

It’s my day in the life series and my mental health series rolled into one except it’s about physical health. I’ll be covering different conditions and illnesses every week, ranging from those you’ll have heard of to the ones you probably haven’t.

Why am I doing this series? 

It stemmed from a discussion with a friend – who has diabetes. You’ll hear from him in the first post for this series. He was asking about my other day in the life series and then something clicked!

Monday’s are now about mental health and health to put them on equal footing with each other!

What can you expect?

You can expect a post every Monday on a different health condition. Simple!

How can I get involved?

If you have a health condition and want to get involved, you can contact me on Twitter (@Sophie_Dishman) or via my email which you can get on my contact page!


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