My Top 5 Fashion Staples

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© Sophie Dishman.

SS16 is coming – and I’m excited. Although I won’t be buying new clothes, I’m excited to pull out the cigarette trousers, the heels and the spaghetti strap tops! Who isn’t? But alas, I have things that I keep in my wardrobe all year round. Here are my top 5 fashion staples!

  1. Black skinny jeans – Need I say anymore? I love my black skinny jeans. Full stop. Don’t we all though?
  2. A sleeveless blazer – Good ol’ layering. A sleeveless blazer is perfect for layering whatever season – spring, summer, autumn or even winter. I wear mine a lot!
  3. A black blazer – It’s a classic, right? It smartens up a casual outfit. Trainers, cigarette trousers and a black blazer is my favourite combination outfit!
  4. A white blouse – Because why not? There’s a lot of rhetorical questions here, but a white blouse is just like a black blazer. It can smarten up an outfit!
  5. Cigarette trousers – Ever since I bought my first pair, I’ve become entranced by them – short leg and long leg! I’ve got a few pairs now and I love them, especially the patterned ones as they add a bit of pop to my outfit.

    What are your top 5 fashion staples? Let me know below in the comments or on my social media accounts!


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