6 mistakes YOU are making with your hair care.

We all make mistakes. Let’s get that out in the open now. No-one is perfect, even when it comes to looking after our hair. Here’s six mistakes you are making with your hair care and more importantly how you can rectify them! We all want to know how to improve, right?

  1. Washing your hair everyday. All the hustle and bustle of life can make you want to wash your hair everyday. I know it bothers me, but recently I’ve started washing my hair three times a week shampoo and then doing it once with my shampoo and conditioner combination. To treat my hair, I use a hair mask every Friday. It’s a treat to say “well done” for the week! Let your hair breathe by washing it a few times a week. It’s hard at first, but you can do it!
  2. Not washing your hair with cold water after your conditioner. Since I started adding cold water to my hair care routine, I’ve noticed my hair feels healthier. It may be unpleasant for some but it’s worth it. Start using cold water! It works!
  3. Using the wrong wash technique. Incase you didn’t know, there is a technique for washing your hair. Concentrate on using your shampoo on your scalp and only condition the middle and bottom of your hair. It’ll keep those split ends at bay and keep the volume in your hair at the top. Follow this technique and you’ll be good to go.
  4. Brushing your hair too much. Brushing your hair too much can remove hairs from your head because of the excessive pulling. Use a brush only to detangle your hair and to style. I have a detangler that looks like a penguin – he’s actually called Montague (no shame!). I also havea roller brush to style my hair with. If we include combs then I have a small-toothed comb and that’s it. It’s always about having the right tools for your hair.
  5. Towel drying your hair. If you towel dry your hair then you may be left with frizz! I used to towel dry my hair but now I let it dry naturally. Why? Because it means that my hair doesn’t break or become dull. If you feel you must towel dry then just pat your hair dry instead of looking like you are doing that Steps dance.
  6. Pulling your tangles out of your hair. That’s what a detangling brush is for! Stop using your hands as it’ll only lead to breakage and possibly a headache. Leave your tangled tresses to the hair experts – your detangling duo – as mentioned above.

And there you have it!

Are you guilty of any of these? Have you got anymore hair care tips? Let me know below in the comments or on my social media accounts.


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  1. I’m relieved to see that I’m doing most of these things right, I’ve heard all of them before and it’s true, it really does help! I do need to try the cold water thing though, I’m terrified of doing that in the shower haha!!

    Anth | aanthblogs.blogspot.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great! It does! I do it when I’m in the bath with a glass. I couldn’t do it in the shower.


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