So, you’re new to makeup?

So, you’re new to makeup? Welcome to an obsession that will cost you your money and your time. Of course, it’s not too expensive straight away. It never has to be expensive, if you don’t want it to be.

Everyone has been new to makeup – yes, even Zoella.

There are basics that you should have when starting with makeup – there’s no need to run straight to the concealer, contour or eyebrow shaping section straight away.

I was a newbie back in September 2014, when I started wearing makeup for university. I haven’t always been excited about MAC lipsticks or getting my eyebrows done at a Benefit Brow Bar. In fact, I once shook my head in shame, now I’m one of them.

The first tip I’d give is get the essentials. But what are the essentials, Sophie?

  • Primer – It sets the base of your makeup. You use it all over your face. You can also get primers for your eye makeup and your lips.
  • Foundation – This is the main base product. You can have low, medium and high coverage. It’s what you prefer, everyone is different. I personally like a high coverage foundation. There are also different shades too which match your skin. I use ivory foundation which is the lightest shade. But it’s what you want and what suits you.
  • Concealer – It’s used to cover your blemishes and any other marks that you don’t want people to see. I sometimes use concealer, but not always.
  • Powder – This is used to set your makeup, again. You can use translucent powders or a powder that matches your foundation shade. It’s your preference.
  • Blusher – So many shades, so little time. To start off, get a light blusher to give a natural look.
  • An eyeshadow palette. Step away from the Naked palette, just for now. Start off with a simple palette of neutral colours. GOSH, MUA and Collection are great starting brands.
  • Eyeliner. There are different types of eyeliner too – kohl (pencil), liquid and gel. It’s up to you what you choose, but I’d recommend starting off with a kohl pencil and get used to putting it near your eye! It can actually be scary at first, but it gets easier!
  • Mascara. It goes on your eyelashes. Simple, no more explanation needed.
  • A brow kit/gel/brush. This is optional, but many people see it as an essential. I know it’s essential for me now (Hangs head in shame.) It’s a good idea to invest in a good brow kit from brands such as Sleek. Collection and MUA also do good brow kits too. You can always use a brow pencil if a kit isn’t your thing. It’s always a good idea to invest in a duo brush if you are using a kit. One end is slanted and one end is like an eyeshadow brush. A gel is optional but I use it to make my eyebrows darker. I also have a clear gel to set my brows – again this is optional.
  • Tweezers. You’ll need tweezers to keep those stray hairs in check!
  • Lipstick. Ah, good ol’ lipstick. It’s best to keep to simple colours. Pick a lipstick you like, that’s the most important thing. I personally like Rimmel lipsticks. You don’t need to know your cherry red from your deep red, just yet.
  • A good brush set. It’s so important to have a good brush set. I’d go for Real Techniques, but Boots, Superdrug and even Wilkinson’s do their own sets if you have a budget.

Some good starting brands are Boots and Superdrug’s own, Rimmel and Collection. But it’s your choice.

The second tip is to set yourself a budget. The first time you go out and buy makeup, you can end up impulse buying. You’ll end up at the till with a lot of items and your bank balance or cash will dwindle quickly.

Be savvy and choose products wisely.

But how do you be savvy?

My final tip is do your research. This will stop you from impulse buying and will ensure that you know what you want. It’ll save time, effort and most importantly money. Buying your first set of makeup items is not cheap, but it doesn’t have to blow your money out into the water.

And that’s that! Good luck on your makeup journey! It’s full of trial, error and tribulations but it’s fun!


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  1. Lovely post I am a complete make up addict and I wish I had this post when I was starting out!!

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    1. Thank you Sophie! I’m still a little new to it so I thought I’d write it now rather than later!


  2. This is helpful!

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