99% Perspiration: A Reblog.

A few months ago, I did a post on 99% Perspiration. For those of you that are thinking, what is 99% Perspiration, here’s what it is:

“99% Perspiration is a weekly podcast based in the North East of England.  With interviews and insight from those working in the creative industries, we will you through the world of self-promotion, the art of pitching, and the persistence that can help turn your calling into a career.”

So 99% Perspiration or 99% for short, is an arts and culture podcast, so it’s apt for today’s what’s up Wednesday.

You may also know that I’m one of the contributing bloggers.

I did an introductory post on 99%, a few weeks back, so the below post was originally written and placed on 99% Perspiration.

I want to share it with you here, as I wanted to share who I am with my new readers! (Welcome!).

Here goes…(NOTE: It may be a bit tongue and cheek from me…)


I thought I would introduce myself as an official 99% Perspiration blogger.  There’s only a few for now, but alas I’m here and ready to share news and events from the creative industries, as well as some opinion posts and reviews here and there!

So, I’m Sophie Dishman. I’m 21-years-old and a mature student at the University of Sunderland. No really…  I’m classed as a “mature student” at the grand age of 21.  I don’t feel old…

Besides that, I’ve recently embarked on the journey of becoming a journalist.  I haven’t always wanted to be a journalist, but I’ve always loved writing.  It sounds cliché but it’s true.  I wouldn’t say I’m entirely creative but I’m learning, and I’m only a first year student right?

Who am I outside of being a boffin at university?  Well, I’m also a blogger, with my own blog called “The Musings of a Journalism Student”.  I blog about being being a journalism student first and foremost, as the name suggests.

But I’ve got other interests and passions – from politics and culture, to fashion and beauty.  And I YouTube from time to time too.  Because YouTubing is a verb now.  You can check out my channel by clicking on the Youtube link above.

I’m also Deputy Editor and a Culture Coordinator at Northern Lights, an online magazine dedicated to covering culture in the North East.  Being Culture Coordinator sees me go to lots of different creative events in Sunderland, the North East, and the surrounding area.

All of this takes place in the Media Hub – it’s is a friendly, open place on the top floor of the David Puttnam Media Centre on St Peters’ Campus, where many journalism and media students go to have a giggle or two.  Actually, no, we work all the time.  Promise.

So that’s me.  An introduction to me, the person behind the words.  Enough of blowing my own trumpet, I’m here to blog for 99% Perspiration.


Check out 99% Perspiration here.


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