Can small and tall people wear the same thing – and pull it off?

a journalism students-64.jpg

Today the Fashion North Intern, Megan Goodwin and I decided to do a little (and large) experiment. We wanted to see if I could both pull off the same outfit. I’m the little one in the pictures (obviously) and Megan’s the tall one. I’m 4 foot 9 AND a half – the half is important in this experiment! (In fact it’s always important!) Megan is taller than me. That’s all I know and it’s plain to see, of course.

We decided to go for the sport luxe look – a mix of looking sporty and smart. A black blazer, roll neck jumper, black pants and some trainers and we were good to go.


© Copyright of Colin Younger. Permission for models use only.

So as you can see, we look like we are ready to go – we thought we looked like a pair of James Bond fans or even better – Bond girls! From first glance, who do you think pulls it off better. I’m obviously going to say Megan, but that’s because of my lack of self confidence!

We played it up a little bit to show the diversity in our outfits – they weren’t completely the same, but they were close enough. It was great fun to act as a character for a little bit. We got into our roles as Bond girls, of course! You can see the full outfits here again. What do you think this time? Have you changed your mind?

Looking at the last photos, I’d say that we both pull off the outfit pretty well. There’s some things I can’t wear and there are some things that Megan won’t be able to wear because she’s tall, I’m guessing? Obviously the trusty hat had to come back for some of the photos – I felt naked without it. I’m too attached to the hat!

There’s over 200 images from the Bond photoshoot, but we thought we’d give you a snippet into the life of little and large. We’ll be doing this every week – fingers crossed, so it’ll be a regular feature on my blog and on Fashion North too.

Stick around for the Little vs Large feature!

For the first round and the sports luxe look I think we both won! Do you?

I’ll be watching!


© Copyright of Colin Young. Permission for models use only.


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a journalism students-64.jpg


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