5 things being a carer for people who misuse alcohol has taught me.

*Trigger Warning* – This post discusses alcohol misuse.

I’ve been a carer for nearly 11 years now – you should know that by now if you are a regular reader. Over those years, I’ve cared for four people who misuse alcohol. It’s difficult and it is one of the reasons why I personally do not drink alcohol. I’ve seen things I didn’t want to see when alcohol kicks in and no, I don’t just mean mooning!

But anyway, being a carer for people who misuse alcohol is difficult and it has taught me a lot. Here are 5 things that it has definitely taught me:

  1. Patience – It isn’t easy caring for someone when they have drunk a lot of alcohol. It affects people in different ways and luckily by the age of 14/15, I was able to gauge how it would affect my family member. I was even able to tell what they had drank, without being present all of the time.
  2. Trust – Now this may be a strange one, but having to go to school or college and knowing that a family member was drinking alcohol in the morning/afternoon scared me. But I learnt to trust my family members. They are all adults after all.
  3. Dignity – This should be an obvious one. I’ve seen my family in some states before and it’s taught me to always keep my dignity.
  4. Respect – No matter how hard things got, I always respected my family members. Respect goes a long way, even if the person won’t remember it the next day.
  5. Self-confidence – It was difficult watching family members drink a lot, but I couldn’t stop them when I was younger. As I got older, I learnt how to express when I thought they’d had enough. I wasn’t controlling them. I was just letting them know out of concern.

I just thought I’d do this quick post to tell you what being a carer has taught me.

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