My Top 5 “Cultural Hubs” in Sunderland.

Culture is a big part of any area in the world. Some people may say that Sunderland isn’t cultural – it is. But that’s another post, for another day. I’ve lived in Sunderland for nearly two years now so as you can imagine, I’ve gotten to know the area pretty well.

I’ve identified my top 5 “cultural hubs” in Sunderland since being here.

Here they are!

  1. Holmeside Coffee.

An atmospheric coffee house, which is perhaps one of the best cultural hubs in the city. It is next door to Independent, on Holmeside – funnily enough! I’ve been here a number of times for meetings and for the Holmeside Writers Group. The café is owned by local band, Lilliput too, which means there’s a lot of local music events there. I can’t forget the book and film club too as well as Solo Arts. It’s a small place, packed full of culture!

2. Flavours and Fables.

The new kid on the block on the cultural scene, on St Thomas Street. You can still pop in to this social enterprise to get one of their speciality hot chocolates. They aren’t something to miss!

3. Pop Recs.

If you aren’t from Sunderland, you probably won’t have heard of Pop Recs, but if you are a Mackem or happen to live in Sunderland, then you’d most likely know this place. It’s based near Park Lane (having moved last year) and are another musical hub in the area. It’s moved away from the centre of town which could be a blessing. I’ve been in there a few times and it has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. It doubles up as a record store too! If that wasn’t enough it’s also a music venue, ran by Frankie and The Heartstrings.

4. National Glass Centre.

The brasserie in the National Glass Centre offers a cup of tea and a slice of cake by the River Wear. Whilst that may not seem glamorous, it most certainly is inside. The scones are my personal favourite, but they offer hot meals too. You can look at the art around you and visit the other areas of this “arts hub”. It’s based near the University of Sunderland St Peter’s campus.

5. Serendipity Tea and Trinkets.

This is a new discovery of mine but if you like vintage then this café is right up your street! It’s an award winning tea room that takes pride in its vintage roots. I’ll definitely be popping in sometime soon to try it out!

What cultural places do you like in your area? Let me know below in the comments or on my social media accounts! 


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