My Happiness Jar: A happy moment in everyday.

*Disclaimer*: This post discusses the happiness jar as being an alternative coping technique or therapy for me. This method should not be used in replacement of professional mental health support.

I got the idea for a happiness jar after ending 2015 happy. My resolution last year was to be happy and I was, but I didn’t find something good in every day. So, I decided to get a jar and put a note in everyday about something that made me happy and something that was good about my day, even if it wasn’t always good because of my mental health problems.

I’m doing this everyday this year and if it works, I’ll carry it on! It’ll be a good reflection of the year too – something to look back on, which is always nice!

Here’s my jar (with the first happiness note!)


© Sophie Dishman. 

The quote on the front is motivational too, so it helps!

Before you decide to go off and do it for yourself, you should know what benefit it has had to me and my mental health. I wanted this jar and the “project” to benefit my mental health the most.

Having mental health problems means I can end up on a negative at the end of the day, at least that happened last year. I don’t always have good days with my mental health or in my life, in general and I wanted to end up thinking that I’d had a good day. If I could find one good thing in my day that made me happy then I’d had a good day. The trick is to find good in everyday.

I have the mind set where if I find one good thing, then I’ve had a good day.

No two days can be the same with the notes either, which makes it fun.

I’ve found that when I’m anxious or my OCD is particularly bad that I can get my jar and read through the notes. I instantly feel better and that’s no exaggeration. My anxiety and OCD lessen after this.

I always write my note before bed too meaning I go to bed thinking about the happy experience I’ve had that day. It relaxes me and gets me thinking about the other happy events that have occurred in the week.

It also allows me to reflect on the “good” of the day, rather than focusing on the bad things that have happened. It keeps me focused and optimistic.

I don’t just write about good things that have happened to me, I write about good things that I have done for other people that made me and them happy too!

It sounds like it’s a “magic therapy”, but it is to me. It’s given me another alternative to helping my mental health problems. My OCD and anxiety have definitely improved and that’s a good thing! It means I’m progressing in terms of my mental health recovery. I’m happy with that!

It’s worth a try, even if you don’t have mental health problems.

You can start now! Try it!

Are you doing something similar to this now? Have you tried it? How did you find it? Do you want to try this?

Let me know below in the comments or on my social media accounts.


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