Blue Monday: Depression doesn’t only occur on one day.

Today is Blue Monday. It’s supposedly the “most depressing day” of the year. The third Monday of January is when everything is supposedly at its most depressing. I have a problem with this.

Monday has not been “blue” or “depressing” for me; but that’s not the point.

The word “depressing” really gets on my nerves. It really does the stigma surrounding depression no good when people say they are “depressed” or find something “depressing” in obvious jest.

Here are some of the comments I’ve heard in recent weeks:

“I’m so depressed that such and such doesn’t like me.”

“I’m depressed cause the weather is so up and down.”

“I have three hours of maths, how depressing!”

Depression is more than sadness or disliking something.

I have three family members who have experience with depression so I understand to some extent. Depression haunts them everyday, not just on one day in January.

For some people, their depression comes and ebbs away and then comes back again. For others the thoughts are constantly there.

On this day are we saying that once January 18 is over that the depression of the day is gone completely?

Yes we are. And it isn’t like that in reality.

I bet many people wish it was. In fact they’d probably wish their depression away.

What worries me even more is that people buy into this self-fulfilling prophecy and to top it off brands jump onto the bandwagon.

Feeling blue today? It’s Blue Monday, so why not make yourself feel better by buying something.

Why not book a holiday and imagine the blue of the sea, instead of feeling blue.

It makes people think they feel blue and that is wrong.

It only further reinforces the stigma surrounding depression.

Apparently there’s science behind Blue Monday, but even if it has been proven, it shouldn’t be used commercially and to perpetuate the stigma of depression.

I keep going back to stigma but it’s important to address it.

I could go on and on and on about Blue Monday, but I won’t. I don’t want to “depress” you after all.

I  just don’t agree with the day at all.

End of.


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