A Day in the Life of 3 bloggers with full time jobs!

Being a student and blogging “full time” can be difficult. Some people blog as their job but some people have full time jobs and run a blog as well.

This week there’s a twist in the Day in the Life series.

I spoke to the three bloggers behind Fashion and Frappes – Bidisha, Satarupa and Anisha. I wanted to know more about their full time jobs!


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It’s a great insight into the different components of a blog, so keep reading!

Here’s what they had to say!

What is your name, age and job role? 

B: My name is Bidisha Kohl, I am 29 yrs and I work as a fashion stylist in Mumbai.

S: I’m Satarupa, I’m 31 years old and I work as a Senior Cloud Infrastucture Engineer for a multinational IT company aside from the blog, Fashion and Frappes, that I run with Anisha and Bidisha.

A: I am Anisha, I am 31 and my day job is as a lawyer in the city.

How did you get into your job?

B: I studied fashion designing. I interviewed for and then joined MTV India as a stylist in 2008.

What do you like about your job?

B: My job is unpredictable and fun. It involves a lot of travel which is one of my favourite things to do.

S: Working in technology means I have to learn new things and keep up with the current technology on a daily basis. I’m always on my toes and sometimes it gets challenging, but that’s what I like the most about my day job. The blog for me is a creative outlet. I love that there are no boundaries or rules and I can write about things I’m truly passionate about.

A: I work across from people in all parts of the world – Asia, Americas, Africa. I love that. I am also a small part in huge transactions happening in different areas of the world – I think its pretty exciting.

The blog was something I started after I finished my master’s degree while I was still looking for a job. I enjoyed it so much and kept on with it after I started working.

What are some of the challenges of your job?

B: There are no fixed timings for shoots, so it can get very hectic. Understanding body types, models and directors requirements is also quite a challenge.

S: It’s very fast paced and keeping up with new trends in technology in real time is a challenge. I learn new things everyday and sometimes it gets pretty crazy!

A: Sometimes the negotiations for transactions are challenging. You have to make sure it works for everyone but of course, keeping everyone happy can be quite a tough ask!

What do you think are some of the challenges in the creative sector?
B: Besides a lot of handwork, there is extreme competition and you have to be update with what is new in the field. Creativity is also something that comes from your own mind, no book knowledge can help.
S: The challenge is to remain creative and represent your truth without being influenced by what others are doing, or what is ‘trending’. Also since I have a full time day job, sometimes making time for the blog becomes a challenge.
A: One challenge is definitely keeping on track. There are no deadlines, nobody tells you what and when to do things – it’s all up to you. You need to keep yourself motivated.
If you did a degree, how has it helped you?
B: I did a degree at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Mumbai. It has helped me a great deal. It has given me lots of him opportunities and the extra edge that brands and the industry is looking for.
S: My degree was in Computer Engineering which helped me get my current job. It has also proved invaluable to the blog since we have been able to do most of the setup ourselves and didn’t have to pay anyone to build our website for us.
It also helps that one of us is able to do the day to day maintenance of the tech end of the blog and we don’t have to depend on or pay a developer to make any changes to the layout etc of the blog.
A: It is impossible to work as a lawyer without a degree. You have to get at least an initial law degree.
Why did you pick to work the sector that you work in? 
B: I am in the media industry and working as a stylist. A desk job is not something I would be happy or comfortable with. My job at present gives me a new challenge everyday.
S: I’ve always had a natural interest in computers. I liked and was good at working on them so it was an obvious choice for me to work in the technology sector.
I’ve also always loved writing and have kept a journal for as long as I can remember. Starting the blog with my best friends was a much needed creative outlet and the perfect way to keep in touch even though we now live on different continents. We talk about clothes non-stop anyway so it made perfect sense to start a fashion blog.
A: I honestly cannot tell for sure but as far back as I can remember I have wanted to be a lawyer. Of course, it was during my time in law school that I realised I was interesting in banking law.
Describe a typical day in your job.
B: On a day where there is a shoot on, a shift usually starts at 6am. I have to be present on set and be attentive to get the cast ready on time.
There are other days when I procure and design for the shoot. The day starts at ten then and goes by getting everything ready for the day of the shoot.
S: A typical workday starts quite early at about 6 AM for me. My office is at the other end of town so it takes about an hour to get there.
Once at work I make a to-do list, putting down meetings and what I need to do for the day. I get to my mails and check on any issues from the day before.
My workday is till 5 PM so if all goes well I am home by 6:30 PM. Most days I’ll have some conference calls with my counterparts in the USA office in the evenings as that’s when they start their workday.
I try to limit those till 8 PM but sometimes it goes on till 9-10 PM.
Post work-day I’ll work on the blog if I’m not too tired or just have dinner and go to sleep.
I do the majority of my work on the blog on the weekends as that’s what works best for me. I make a conscious effort to work on the blog when I truly ‘want to’ instead of when I ‘have to’, in order to keep it enjoyable and fun instead of becoming another job.
It really helps that there are 3 of us working on it so we are able to have each other’s back. If there are things that I specifically need to look at, which mostly will be the tech stuff on the blog I put that in my morning to do list so that I am able to get home on time to do those.
A: I walk to work – it’s a 20 min or so walk. I pick up a coffee on the way from Pret and get into work between 9 – 9:30 am.
The first thing I do is check my emails and answer any that need to be replied to. I continue with any work I have pending – reviewing documents or making changes and adding comments to documents.
Late morning or afternoon I usually have conference calls.
For lunch, I usually run down to the Pret or Itsu – I am really boring with my lunch food that way. I also get my afternoon coffee during lunch!
In the afternoon I usually end up calling people or going around asking for information that I need to complete my documents.
I leave work around 6-6:30 on most days and try and get to the gym for some class – either pilates or spin.
I get home and work on the blog if I feel like or if there is something urgent to do. Otherwise, I do most of the blog work in the weekend.
Any advice for people wanting to get into your sector and/or the creative industry?
B: Never shy away from interning. No job is a small job. That is the way you grow. You should try and work in as many departments as possible as it gives you a great understanding of the industry.
S: An education is invaluable if you want to get into the tech industry or in fact any industry. Not only will you learn but you will also meet like-minded people who you can start a company with in the future if you want. All three of us met in school for instance. I studied engineering, Anisha studied law and Bidisha went to school for fashion design. Though all three of us studied 3 different things, we got our first jobs from college.
A: For law I would always tell people to be very sure they are interested in it. At least be interested in academics and reading.

For the blog, I always tell people who want to start a blog – sooner rather than later! The only regret I have about the blog is not starting out earlier.

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Here are their individual Twitter accounts too – AnishaBidisha and Satarupa.

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