Review: Rituals Mandi Lulur Shimmer Body Cream.


© Sophie Dishman.

Rituals is a skincare brand that offers high-end products. The brand is inspired by nature and maintains high standards when it comes to its items.

The brand is also cruelty-free meaning it does not test on animals, which is another bonus for the brand.

I received the Mandi Lulur Shimmer Body Cream as a gift last year and have tried out the product for a number of weeks.

The packaging of the Ritual’s Mandi Lulur Shimmer Body Cream is simply stunning. The packaging is made from wood from sustainable sources, FSC-certified paper and cardboard, with a plastic casing, like many of their products. It is also obvious that the brand is also inspired by Eastern traditions. The packaging emulates this feel straight away.

I was drawn to the wooden top as it’s something I haven’t seen on a skincare product before. The durability of the packaging struck me too. I’ve dropped it a few times and there’s no scratches on it at all! I loved the gold covering over the product to protect it too. It proves that the brand cares about their product.

I received the 250 ml tub of product and after nearly a month’s use, there’s still a lot of product left. It does last a long time. You don’t need to use a lot of the product to get the desired effect. Unfortunately my camera couldn’t pick the shimmer up but there were definitely flecks of shimmer there!

The aroma of the Mandi Lulur Shimmer Body Cream is simply divine. The two main ingredients to the product are frangipani and rice milk. Both of these give off a strong, but pleasant flowery smell. It’s poignant and certainly sticks to the skin. I’ve had a few comments from people asking what it is, so that must be a good sign?!


I’ve found it’s the perfect addition to my body skin routine when I need a good pamper after a long day. Who doesn’t feel better when they smell nice and shimmer like Edward Cullen from Twilight in the sun?

I’ve been using it a few times a week and it has improved my skin. In the winter I get dry skin and without a doubt this has added moisture! My skin doesn’t feel flaky, it feels smooth like it should. The product also had a cooling effect to it which felt weird at first, but it removed some of my skin irritation which isn’t going amiss!

The consistency of the product is creamy but smooth to touch and smooth on the skin too. It rubs into the skin really well and the product disappears quickly, leaving the glitter in place.

I’m really pleased with this product.


© Sophie Dishman.

I would definitely recommend the Mandi Lulur Shimmer Body Cream. The packaging is aesthetically stunning (in my opinion) and the product is divine. Although it is high-end, it’s definitely worth paying for. I’m guessing it was an exclusive as I can’t find it on the website! (Sorry!).

I couldn’t find anything wrong with it!



Have you tried this product? What did you think of it? Are you keen to try it out?

Let me know below in the comments or on my social media accounts!


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  1. These seem so cool I will definitely check them out. Mind checking out my blog?


    1. Thank you! I really loved the product and I like the brand too! Of course, I’ll pop over soon!

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