My Top 7 Hats for this season.

I love hats. There I said it. Even though I only own two, that’s enough for now. If I didn’t restrain myself, I’d buy a lot more! I have a black bowler hat (my signature and the inspiration for my logo) and my black fedora hat. I wear a hat nearly everyday, that’s how much I love them! It’s even come to people asking where my hat is when I haven’t got it on. Am I really that bad?

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 20.32.55.png

  1. The Beanie – When it’s cold out, all I want to do is keep my ears warm. I suffer from really bad earache, especially when the temperature is below freezing (0 degrees), so I like to have a trusty beanie with me. It doesn’t need to be patterned. A nice plain one goes well with my warm coat so I can’t go wrong.
  2. The Wool Beret – The beret is a classic hat, in my opinion anyway. It’s a sophisticated accessory that I personally adore! Adding wool to the beret makes it a perfect winter warmer.
  3. The Cecil (Sherlock) Hat – Being a huge fan of Sherlock puts this hat in my favourites list automatically. It’s a hard hat to pull off but it’s a daring option that I may try soon!
  4. The Cream Felt Fedora – Now I’ve never owned a different colour hat before. (I’m hoping to change that if I can find the perfect one!) I think having a different coloured hat from the classic black is an essential to your winter accessories! Also, who doesn’t love a good fedora?
  5. The Floppy Fedora – So as you can probably guess – I like fedoras. LOVE THEM! My black fedora is a floppy one. Also tan is a beautiful colour! (Might just be me on that one?!). It’s a very wintery colour so it’s great for looking on trend.
  6. The Faux Fur Headband – Okay, so not everyone agrees with faux fur. I don’t but I liked this one. I would never buy one but there’s something about them that makes them look great with knee high boots and a turtle-neck jumper. (Maybe just me again?!)
  7. The Detailed Fedora – I love a dark fedora with detailing on it. It could be ribbon, sequins or something completely different. The detailed fedora adds a bit more definition and pizzazz to your outfit. It can bring a minimalistic and plain outfit to life!


What is your favourite style of hat? What kind of hats do you like wearing in the winter? What hats are you loving this season? 

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