12 events I’m looking forward to this year.

As Culture Coordinator (and now Deputy Editor) at Northern Lights, I am often immersed in culture within the North East of England. I’ve visited art exhibitions, been to the theatre to review a production and went to the Sunderland City of Culture 2021 bid launch event, among many others. Through this role culture has become another passion of mine (as if I didn’t have enough already!) and it has led me to get excited about events in the North East this year!

Here are 12 events that I’m looking forward to this year:

  • Curious – An event exploring the spectrum of transgender, queer and drag culture through performance, visual art and installations. The event is for those aged 18+ and is being held at Dance City on Saturday 9th July. I’m really interested in how issues are expressed through other creative forms of art so it should be interesting!
  • Props North East – The organisation is putting on an exhibition of a culmination of a four week workshop to help girls and boys understand and deal with their feelings on their own physical appearance. The young people will also learn how “ideal” images of beauty are created. The young people will be showcasing their A3 pictures about their individual great qualities. It’s being held at Durham Cathedral throughout February (2nd till 28th). I love the idea behind the exhibition, I don’t need to say anymore!
  • Geordie, Mackem Magick – This is an art exhibition by Sophie Lisa Beresford. It features photographs picturing her own personal mythology of Sunderland. The exhibition is being hosted by Arts Centre Washington from 17th March 2016 to 5th June 2016. Being a Geordie and living in Sunderland isn’t all it’s thought to be! I’m looking forward to seeing what Sophie has come up with!
  • Evolution Emerging – A festival for new music and emerging artists. The event takes place in many of the North East’s independent music venues located in Ouseburn Valley. Dates have not been confirmed for this year yet but I really want to get involved in this somehow!
  • Sunderland Literature Festival – A month long festival to celebrate writing and reading in various forms. No dates have been confirmed for the festival but I hope it comes back! I got involved last year as a reporter for Northern Lights and I enjoyed it a lot!
  • Durham Book Festival – The festival is similar to the Sunderland Literature Festival in that it wants to encourage more people to read. I love books so I’m looking feared to this as I didn’t go last year!
  • Sunderland Shorts Film Festival – It allows film makers to have their short films screened to an audience. I love anything that helps people get their foot in the door! I’ve volunteered to help out as a blogger so fingers crossed!
  • The Takeover Arts Festival – I’ve volunteered to be part of the Takeover Team which organises this event. It’ll be during May half term and I’ll hopefully be helping out with the social media etc. Oh how I love festivals!
  • Mentally Sound Radio Show – It’ll be Mentally Sound’s 1st birthday in March so I’m looking forward to celebrating the anniversary show!
  • Youth Arts Exhibition – The exhibition will feature young people’s art work. It’s being held at the Arts Centre in Washington from Friday 15th January to Saturday 27th February. I must say that I enjoy art now and I can’t wait to see the talent that some young people have within art in the North East.
  • Billy Elliot – I’ve only been to the theatre once and I really want to go again. Although there are many shows on throughout the North East, I’m looking forward to seeing Billy Elliot at the Sunderland Empire Theatre in April.
  • Rihanna at the Stadium of Light – Worldwide superstar Rihanna is coming to Sunderland. Let’s take that in for a second. She’s being supported by The Weeknd and rapper, Big Sean. It’s a not-to-miss event! Even though I don’t have tickets, I’m excited for it to put Sunderland on the map!

    What events are you looking forward to in the North East or in your area? Let me know below or on my social media! 


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