Do we view people in the public eye to different standards?

People in the public eye are mostly known as celebrities. They are constantly watched. Celebrities are placed on a higher pedestal, a cut above the rest. Every quip and choice they make can be viewed by the general public and at the click of a button. We look at them through beady eyes, judging them for what they wear, who they are seen with and much more. Every decision is marked down.

In journalism particularly, being a celebrity can bring about news. What’s someone wearing? Who’s had cosmetic surgery? Has a couple hit a “rocky patch?” It’s all news to journalists as it is entertainment. There are people that care about the lives of celebrities. It’s in the public interest to delve into their lives and to project their experiences to the general public.

Many of us want to know who’s doing what, with whom and where. We sometimes want the how and why, but it’s about what’s on the surface that lures us in. It’s the celebrity status that makes us view them differently, especially when they appear in magazines.

The glossy magazines obsess over celebrities and to an extent rely on them to market their magazines. If you see a celebrity on the cover with brash headlines, you are going to pick it up and possibly buy it. They are used to draw us in and we want to read into their lives with scrutiny.

But, scrutiny is the key similarity between the public and private eye.

We scrutinise people on social media, whether publicly to others or on social media or privately in our own mind. We do. Everyone can be judgemental. We react negatively to what someone puts onto social media. It’s their sphere for spreading their opinion and not everyone will agree with it.

So if we scrutinise people in the general public and people in the public sphere as celebrities, are there any other similarities or differences with their standards?

There’s pressure on both the general public and celebrities to look thin, to be healthy and so on. Unfortunately the media only reinforces with airbrushing techniques. There’s a pressure to be “perfect”. Whatever that looks like. We expect celebrities to be this way because we can see them all of the time. We want them to uphold this image so we can glorify and objectify them for our own gratification and for our own self-loathing too it seems.

But do we expect the general public to look thin and be healthy too? Well, yes of course. So there’s another similarity.

Can we find any differences, at all?

No, I can’t because celebrities are people just like us. The only difference is the media follows them around. We follow the media and can control (to an extent) what is posted about us. Celebrities can too as they are like the general public.

They’re only on a higher pedestal (metaphorically) because they are famous. Something has made them that way. Fortune, talent or luck may be a factor.

But ultimately, I don’t think that we hold people in the public eye to different standards compared to ourselves. We idolise them but really we don’t treat them any different to how we treat each other.


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