Volunteering Ventures #1 – Sophie Dishman.


Welcome to post number one of my new series – Volunteering Ventures. You can read about the series here. I thought I’d interview myself first to launch the series, to give you a background on my own volunteering.


What is your name, age and volunteering role/roles? Who do you currently volunteer for?

I’m Sophie Dishman, I’m 21 and I have lots of volunteering roles.

To name a few: blogger (Carers Trust), contributor (Spark Magazine), correspondent (Kettle Mag) and local carers ambassador (Carers UK).

When did you start volunteering?

I started volunteering at the age of 16. I helped others previously to that by going on placement but I didn’t formally start volunteering until the age of 16. I started volunteering with Age UK at a local day centre supporting older people emotionally and socially.

How did you get into volunteering?

I got into volunteering naturally. I like to give my time to benefit others. I looked on various volunteering websites such as Do It and by looking on organisation’s websites at their volunteering opportunities.

What do you like about volunteering and your volunteer role/roles?

I like that you can help others by donating your time freely. It feels me with joy when I help someone. I’d probably go as far as to say that I have a passion for volunteering.

I’ll pick one of my roles to answer the second half of the question. I like my volunteer role as a local carers ambassador for Sunderland/Northumberland with Carers UK as it gives me experience in talking to people. It helps me build up my communication skills among other transferable skills.

I also like it because it allows me to talk to people about my experience of being a carer and in turn I’m helping people understand and helping them learn.

What are some of the challenges of volunteering/your volunteer role/roles?

Not having enough time to do everything I want to!

How has volunteering helped you? 

It has helped me hone my transerable skills – communication, listening, problem solving etc but I’ve also developed specialist skills i.e. moving and handling training, editing etc.

I’ve become a more confident person through volunteering and it’s helped my mental health too. It keeps me busy which is what I like.

Why do you volunteer in the sector that you volunteer in?

I volunteer my time in the media sector and in the health sector. I chose to volunteer in the media sector as it relates to my degree. I chose to volunteer some of my time in the health sector as I still have the determination to help people. I help people in my role as a local carers ambassador.

Describe a typical day as a volunteer.

I can’t. I do something different everyday and I am a volunteer for many organisations and publications.

I could be writing an article, creating a blog post, delivering a speech, speaking to journalists, editing an audio file…

No two days are the same.

Any advice for people who want to volunteer?

Do it.

It’s a great addition to your CV!


Do you want to take part in the Volunteering Ventures series?

If you do comment below, contact me via my social media (linked below) or go to my contact page to find my email.



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