Review: L’Oréal Hair Expertise Set.


L’Oréal have realised a range of shampoos, conditioners and hair masks to meet your every need. I’ve tried the Ever Pure range for colour weakened hair.

I’ve had my hair dyed twice in a few months and it’s starting to show.

The range is free from sulphates and silicone and other nasties that don’t do your hair any good. They’ve replaced them with sunflower extracts and other oils that’ll make your hair feel brilliant and at a decent price too.

There’s different colours too. Pink is for dry hair and purple is for flat hair. You can mix and match or stick with the same colour making the range very versatile.

The packaging is handy for those of you that like a shower. It’s a squeezable capped bottle for ease of use making it quick and simple.

It takes haircare back to basics while meeting the demands of the busy woman and every hair need.

After using L’Oréal Hair Expertise shampoo, conditioner and the refreshing mask, my hair feels brand new!

I bought the shampoo that is used for dry and coloured hair as my hair can get very dry and lacks the lustre I want it to have. I have a bob hair cut so my hair does need to look “on point”. A messy bob won’t do.

I’ve used the shampoo 3/4 days a week and it’s made my hair feel more natural. It’s allowed the natural oils from my hair to come out meaning I don’t need to use serum to make my hair look shiny.

It smells nice too which is a bonus!

I bought a different conditioner in the Ever Pure range which was for flat, coloured hair. Not only is my hair dry but it’s flat too. Before I started using the shampoo, it didn’t have the volume. I had to use mousse and other volumising products which were making my hair greasy.

I’ve used the conditioner 2/3 times a week and it’s made my hair sleek and shiny with an added “umph” that I needed. My hair feels bouncy, smells nice and it straightens well now.

Lastly, I’ve been using the Ever Pure colour refreshing mask for all types of coloured hair. I’ve used this once a week as it is a heavy mask. You leave the product on for five minutes and then wash it off. My hair has never felt as good after I’ve used this. It’s soft, sleek and feels natural. Hardly a brittle hair in sight.

My hair has definitely improved from the lack lustre it once was. My hair hated heat and was dry and constantly flat. Now it has a new lease of life!


Have you tried these products? Let me know below. 


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