Fixers UK: Carers at University Launch.

a journalism students-29.jpg

I’ve been working with Fixers UK for a few months on a project about carers and university.

As I am a carer and am a university student, my caring responsibilities can get the best of me sometimes and I can be distracted. It isn’t easy.

I want to raise awareness nationally about what a carer is, what a carer does and how we can and should be supported at and by universities.

I’ve created two items to get this across – I can’t reveal them yet but I can reveal that it will be launching on January 29th, a day after Young Carers Awareness Day.

I’ll be launching it at my university on the day.

I can’t wait to share the rest of the information with you, but I can’t say anything else yet.

I hope you’ll support the launch on social media when I release the hashtag (yes, there’s a hashtag!).

Wish me luck!


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