What I did NOT get for Christmas.

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*Disclaimer* – I am aware that this post may come across as controversial but it is my personal opinion and does not reflect my professional opinion on Christmas. 


I’m going to admit that I’m not a fan of the “What did I get for Christmas” posts. For me, Christmas has become a commercialised means of “showing off”.

I dread Christmas Day on social media when there’s hundreds of posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of people’s presents. With “boy done good” posts here, there and everywhere and “I’m so lucky” posts strewn about too.

Christmas has become more about what you’ve been gifted in terms of material things.

We’ve lost the true meaning of Christmas in my opinion.

To me, Christmas is about family and friends and acknowledging your thanks to them this year – this may be in the form of a gift but it doesn’t have to be.

So what did I not get for Christmas?

I didn’t get all of the lenses I wanted for my camera.

I didn’t get some of the other books that I wanted.

I didn’t get the other two Naked palettes I wanted.

I didn’t get the BB8 toy that I wanted.

I didn’t get a new handbag.

I didn’t get all of the DVD’s I wanted.

I didn’t get a lot of things that I wanted.

It sounds silly doesn’t it.

I wanted all of these things but I didn’t need them.

I did get a lot of things but at the end of the day one thing was important.

What I did get was my family and friends, food and a roof over my head.

All I needed this year was my family, my partner and my friends around me. That’s all I needed and that’s all I really wanted.

The “What I got for Christmas” posts don’t reflect that you had a roof over your head, that you had a hot, cooked meal, that you had a family around you.

We’ve forgotten those things and buried them under the commercialisation and commodification of Christmas. It’s all about materials now – how much you got.

Some people don’t have a family, a hot meal or even a roof over their head for Christmas and in my opinion many people forget that.

I said thanks for having a roof over my head.

I said thanks when I was opening my presents as I’d gotten a gift for Christmas.

I said thanks for my Christmas lunch when it was set down on the table.

I said thanks to my family, friends and my partner.

I said thanks for having a family as some people spent Christmas Day alone.

I didn’t post the entirely of what I had gotten on social media in spite of wanting to “fit in”.

Take a step back and think about the real non-religious meaning of Christmas.

Did you really say thanks or did you share what material things you got?

As always, let me know what you think. 


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  1. Christmas was a little odd for me this year. First time I was abroad for the holiday, so gifts weren’t really my focus. Luckily I got to spend some time with my family. Christmas is definitely heavily commercial, more so than ever!

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