Social Media and Christmas – say it isn’t so.

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*Disclaimer* – This is my personal opinion and does not reflect my professional opinion on Christmas. 

You may have been reading some of my recent posts on Christmas and may think that I’m a scrooge. I’m not – I love Christmas but the commercialisation of Christmas and the posts on social media around the festive season don’t sit well with me, unfortunately.

It’s not what Christmas is about as I’ve pointed out in previous posts – rant over.

But now I want to turn my attention to social media at Christmas.  There are some positives – contacting family members and friends in different countries as I did with my Taiwanese pen pal and expressing thanks to your family and friends in a public way. You can also show people your Christmas tree and decorations to get into the Christmas spirit.

All great things, right?

But social media does have a dark side, we should all know that.

Social media becomes a breeding ground for hate and jealousy for some people – on Christmas Day especially.

Some people don’t celebrate Christmas firstly.

I can chose whether I want to celebrate Christmas as a Buddhist but some religions don’t celebrate Christmas at all.

I may be extreme in this view but I think it is slightly disrespectful, which is why I don’t post my Christmas presents on social media. You can post if you want of course, but this is one of the reasons why I don’t. It’s your choice.

The commercialisation of Christmas is another reason why I dislike social media at Christmas.

On Christmas Day this year my feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were filled with Christmas presents. Each to their own but I didn’t want to see what other people had gotten. Not because I would become jealous or resent people for it, it felt unfair to others.

It goes back to the fact that some people don’t get anything for Christmas.

Christmas has become a time where people flash their cash and the material goods that they received for Christmas. While it may be “nice” for some of us, for others it isn’t.

Some people can get jealous and it can lead to conflict. We don’t want that at Christmas, do we? Not with all of the happiness and jolliness that Christmas brings through being with family and friends.

It also becomes a race for the most amount of likes that not everyone is aware of. Do some of us post what we’ve gotten for the likes though? To make ourselves feel better and to affirm that we have “done good”.

We haven’t really done the world any miraculous favour by posting what we’ve gotten.

That said, if you do want to post what you’ve gotten then go ahead. As I said, it’s up to you.

Also, it is worth mentioning that we can omit gifts from our pictures. Many of us won’t post everything we’ve got or will we?

Would you really post the small bar of chocolate you got from your Gran?

Or the new lip balm you got from your mum because you have chapped lips “all of the time”? 

Just think before you post.




What do you think of social media and Christmas? 

Is it naughty or nice? 

Let me know what you think.


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