My Political Journey in 2015.

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My political journey in 2015 has been up and down, trailed and tested and left little room for misjudgement since I now write about it on SR News and other websites, including this blog.

At the start of the year, following my social policy module at university, I was sure that slightly more towards the left as a left wing libertarian. After doing the Political Compass quiz (we were told to do it by the university), I am still a left wing libertarian, I think. 

When the general election came in May this year, I was eligible to vote. I was excited. I was naive to some. I actually got excited over going to vote and rightly so. I voted for Labour. The Conservatives won an outright majority.

I must admit that at first, I was annoyed but after the shock wore off, I didn’t mind.

I also can’t refrain from admitting that I did jump on board with the social media hype that was the Milifandom. The Cameronettes got on board too, but it wasn’t to my taste, unfortunately.

Ed Miliband stepped down as leader of the Labour party and I was disheartened. Nick Clegg stepped down as leader of the Liberal Democrats too, another blow for politics. Not for students – we all remember the tuition fee hike.

I was a little disengaged with politics during the leadership election for the leader and deputy leader of the respective parties.

Jeremy Corbyn won and I was shocked. He’s what we would call “hard leftie”, a socialist by many standards. I don’t identify with a lot of what Mr Corbyn says but I do respect him. I just don’t agree with some of his beliefs.

However, his announcement of appointing a minister for mental health was music to my ears. It was a step in the right direction for me and Mr Corbyn.

My political journey since September has climbed onwards and upwards from there – I went to the Houses of Parliament for a launch of a report and I interviewed Natalie Bennett, the leader of the Green Party!

I’ve been active in voicing my views on politics too with policies and decisions made in the Autumn Statement in particular.

I’ve made some political resolutions so I hope to achieve them in the new year.

Hopefully I will be getting involved in the politics show at my university in the new year (*fingers crossed!*) so I can expand my knowledge even more.

What has your political journey been like this year? Let me know below!


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