Did I meet my 2015 resolutions?

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2015 has came and is about to end. I made resolutions back in 2014 to meet by the end of this year.

Here are the resolutions I made:

  • Be happy.
  • Speak at more conferences to raise awareness of carers, what we do and to raise importance of integration, communication and identification. Also want to focus more on issues, challenges and concerns as well as good practice.
  • Finish my first year of my social work degree and progress onto 2nd year.
  • Pass my driving test – This is professional as I need to be able to drive as a social worker.
  • Raise awareness of carers within my university – I have a few plans for this.
  • Publish something solely by myself in a journal.
  • Write a book.
  • Vote in the next election – I’ve become more interested in politics this year (2014) so I want to vote.
  • Decide on what I want to do my Masters degree in, will keep thinking about my PhD.
  • Map out different areas of social work I want to explore, clearly and carefully.
  • Review another social care book. (One of my highlights of this year has been reviewing a social care book and having my name on it!).

Most of these were around my social work degree, little did I know that I would be changing course, so let’s see what I did manage to do.

I am happy and have been this year. I want to continue this resolution next year, but won’t write it down. I succeeded this year, so I will do next year.

I spoke at two conferences this year – one in Middlesborough and one in London in July (the School Nursing International Conference). I’m speaking at a mental health event in January so I want to see if I can speak more about mental health at conferences as well as my experience of being a carer. I’ve spoken a lot about integration, communication and identification this year as well as issues and good practice. There’s another resolution complete!

I did finish the first year of my social work degree, so there’s a tick beside this resolution but I didn’t progress onto my second year because of my mental health (in short). I passed the first part.

Driving lessons have been my nemesis this year because they are so expensive. I haven’t passed my driving test, yet. I need to be more financially stable before I can do that.

I’ve raised awareness of carers within my university as I started planning a research project and a policy/strategy for carers whilst I was on my social work degree. It fell through, but I have talked about being a carer at university and many people are now aware of my caring responsibilities.

In the new year I am sitting on a wellbeing board to raise awareness of carers within the university and I am also launching a project soon – keep your eyes out for that on my blog and on my social media!

I have had an article published in the Journal of School Health in March this year, but I did it with Wendy Nicholson from the Department of Health and another carer. I didn’t meet this resolution but I did get something published in a journal.

I wanted to write a book this year about my experiences of being a carer. I got knocked back at the start of the year by many publishers so I’ve given up on this one for now. Maybe in the future? I’m writing a small book that won’t be sold for a friend of mine about Buddhism so we’ll see how that one goes this year.

I did vote in the General Election this year so that’s a tick for that resolution!

As I’ve changed course, my Masters degree path has now changed. I’m going to focus on getting through my journalism degree before I give this any more thought. I still want to do a Masters and a PhD but I want to graduate from my undergraduate degree first.

I did map out the different areas of social work that I wanted to explore in a career map, that’s on this blog but I didn’t get to review another social care book. Luckily, I’d like to announce that I’m appearing in a book in the new year. All will be revealed soon!

So I did meet some of my resolutions but not all of them sadly. I’ve learnt my lesson, but I’m still making different resolutions for next year. I want to push myself to be better and be the best I can be!

Did you meet any or all of your 2015 resolutions? Let me know below or on my social media. 


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