My 2016 Political Resolutions.

a journalism students-13

My political beliefs have been trailed and tested in 2015, with the General Election in May and with the emergence of a new Labour leader – Jeremy Corbyn.

My political knowledge has also been expanded this year, but more on that in my reflection of my political journey this year!

I have a few resolutions to do with politics and no, it’s not to become the next prime minister! I’m too small for those big boots.

Here are my political resolutions for 2016.

  1. Learn more about politics.
  2. Keep writing about politics on this blog and on the sites that I volunteer with.
  3. Write about economics and business on the sites that I volunteer with and on this blog.
  4. Decide where my political stance is or at least be one step closer to deciding.
  5. Show my support for government policies – voice my opinion more.
  6. Read up on opposing views and what politicians are saying to become more politically aware.
  7. Read political magazines and books as well as politics sections in newspapers.
  8. Don’t be politically apathetic. Show I care about politics.
  9. Interview someone in government for a news article.
  10. See both sides of the political argument without judgement.

Do you have any political resolutions for 2016? Let me know below!


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