Has capitalism taken over?

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Capitalism. Good ol’ capitalism. Money. Materialistic items. And more money. Who would of thought that we would fall for it? Marx knew and we didn’t.

The world is now driven by money. How much we spend and how much we earn. We flaunt how much we have and what our money can buy us. The latest magazine from the local shop or for the top 1% – that new designer handbag.

I must admit that I’m not one of those people that likes to flash their cash – I live off of a student loan and that’s it. I dislike it when people push their money in my face and consumerism does me no good either. It’s all about materials and their worth.

I’d rather have the basics than hundreds of bags and shoes that I won’t even wear.

That’s why you won’t be seeing me doing a “What I got for Christmas” post. There is no point in making one because it’s “showing off” what I got and it’s not fair to those that didn’t get anything for Christmas. It would be a lot to say to some people that I had a cooked hot meal and a roof over my head. Think about that for a moment.

I haven’t always had this mindset however. I won’t get from rags to riches but I didn’t always appreciate the things I had. I wanted the latest phone or the newest clothes as a teenager. It was a status symbol. Having the latest or newest items made you “cool” and attractive. That’s what many girls and boys want in this day and age. They want popularity.

Having the latest items makes you liked, apparently. It increases your worth in the world, apparently. You become someone to aspire to and someone people want to be – all because of your money and the material things you own.

Is that fair?

For the person with the money, I’m sure that it brings confidence but it may also bring pressure to stay at the top.

The “what if” question starts to pop up. What if I can’t have the newest or the latest item.

It becomes a want not a need. That’s where the distinction lies.

Money may not be a problem to some people but for those that are unfortunate and are in poverty – money is an ever-growing problem.

Think of those that don’t have enough money to feed or clothe themselves or their children. Those that go without, just to make ends meet.

That isn’t fair.

Poverty is a widespread global problem and we aren’t getting rid of it fast.

The “living wage” should be coming to us soon but it’s determined on the needs of society. The basics. Is having the internet a “vital” necessity. For some of us, it is.

But is it more important than food, water or warmth? No, of course it isn’t. We need food, water and warmth – we don’t need internet, we want it. The internet has become a commodity in itself. It can be bought and sold to us much like many other things in this world.

Everything is about money these days – how little we have to pay for those big organisations that hold up the infrastructure of society – the NHS, the Government, the Royal family. It all comes at a price.

Can we really afford those private jets? Or should we be putting more money into the NHS to support it’s doctors and nurses.

Can we really afford to send money over to foreign countries? Or should we be helping people here at home in the UK?

Countries have fought about money this year, had many money criss’ and we’ve had to bail Greece.

We throw our money around like it means nothing. To many of us, it means everything. A meal on the table. A roof over our head.

Capitalism has taken over. Money is the key to every lock in the book.

But without money, we’d be nothing and everything.


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