Flooding: what should we do?

*Disclaimer* – this is my personal opinion and does not reflect on my professional judgement or opinion on the matter.

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Storm Desmond and Storm Eva wrecked havoc in the North of England. Rivers rose and burst their banks leaving homes and businesses flooded. The devastation of the rainfall has left some without their livelihood. With Storm Frank is on its way, we could see more rain – what should we do about the flooding?

Flooding is a major concern for Cumbria and other areas in the North of England such as Manchester and York for the foreseeable future and with flood defences at a low, we could be putting people in danger.

I was a witness of the Morpeth flooding, back in 2008. When the River Wansbeck burst its banks, it took a while for the area to get back onto its feet.

My partner suggested getting elephants to suck up the water with their trunks.


But here’s five things that I think we should do:

  1. Increase flood defence funding. I’d rather see a cut to the foreign aid budget so that we can help people here in the UK. As difficult as it may be to hear, people can lose their lives when an area floods. It will happen. I don’t want to see people lose their lives when we can put money into preventing or minimising the risk of rivers bursting their banks. This means that we can create more flood barriers.
  2. Create more barriers to minimise flooding. It’s simple. Having money means we can do this to protect our homes and businesses.
  3. Education – Make more people aware of the dangers of flooding. It may encourage people to take steps to help minimise the risk of their home flooding – getting sandbags etc. Small steps can change the probability of flooding.
  4. Making people aware of how likely their area is to flood. If people knew that they lived in a high risk area then again they could take steps to minimising or preventing the effect of flooding.
  5. Increase support for hotels, charities and other places that help people affected by flooding. Acknowledging that there are places out there that will help people affected by flooding is a start. But in order for the support to be given, more support needs to be given to hotels, charities and other places that help flood victims.
  6. Spare a thought for people that are homeless and for stray animals. They don’t have anywhere to go during a flood. A thought can increase action and keep the people and animals without a home safe in a flood. They are people and animals too.

What do you think we should be doing about the flooding? Let me know below or on my social media. 


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