My 2016 Student Resolutions.

a journalism students-2

I’m making a number of resolutions for 2016.

This should have been posted yesterday but alas here are my resolutions for university and being a student.

  1. Maintain my 2:1 grades.
  2. Get at least one first next year in my degree.
  3. Carry on being organised.
  4. Do more reading around journalism on a regular basis.
  5. Read/watch/listen to the news as many times as I can every week.
  6. Continue contributing to the media platforms.
  7. Pass the first year of my journalism degree.
  8. Move up a position on one of the media hub platforms.
  9. Continue to raise awareness of student issues.
  10. Continue to represent students at the university.
  11. Do 5 placements in journalism.
  12. Get an internship in the summer.
  13. Develop my interests in niche areas of journalism – business, politics and arts/culture.
  14. Put myself forward for opportunities.

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