My 2016 Mental Health Resolutions.

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2015 has had it’s ups and downs when it comes to my own mental health (I’ll do a reflection post in a mo!).

In 2016, I want my mental health to improve (resolution number 1), but I need to take little steps to gradually improve and to continue on the road to recovery.

Here’s my mental health resolutions for 2016.

2. Continue raising awareness of student and carer mental health.

3. Use my self help techniques to better my mental health.

4. Keep getting better by using my health and fitness resolutions.

5. Acknowledge when my mental health isn’t good.

6. Talk to people if I’m having a bad day.

7. Raise awareness of health anxiety/hypochondria.

8. Continue to raise awareness of social anxiety and OCD.

9. Support the awareness of other mental health problems.

10. Continue writing about mental health on my blog.

Do you have any mental health resolutions? Let me know below!


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  1. I hope you manage to achieve these Sophie 🙂
    Oh and Happy New Year (4 days early )


    1. Thank you! And you too! 🙂 We need to meet up again in the New Year (obviously when you’ve finished your Masters!).


      1. Great minds think alike Sophie!

        Liked by 1 person

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