Moody Monday

It’s Moody Monday!

According to a new study by Kwik Fit, the 28th of December is the worst day of the festive period. 

Christmas Day is well and truly gone (*sad face*), Boxing Day has disappeared into thin air and has left nothing in its wake apart from a sore stomach and guilt amid overindulgence.

Today, families will be travelling back home, putting their presents into their prospective places and reminiscing about the Christmas dinner that has since been forgotten.

It’s a sad day for many of us.

Families are most likely to argue today, since the Christmas festivities are over and over one third of people will start to worry about over-indulgence and the year ahead.

It’s no longer Christmas so epiphanies have begun. Why? What if? How?

It’s time to get back to reality as we head into the new year celebrations at the end of the week.

Are you feeling moody this Monday? Let me know below? 


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