Mental health problems don’t stop just because it’s Christmas.

Mental health problems are omnipresent once we have them. They never really go away.

Christmas is a time where we are merry and jolly, where there’s happiness for many of us.

But mental health problems don’t go away at Christmas time unfortunately. As much as we’d like them to disappear for those few days so we could enjoy some peace and quiet from the nuisance of our thoughts.

That’s what I’d wish for, if I knew that it would come true. If I could get rid of my OCD and my anxiety (especially my health anxiety) then I would, just for a few days. I’d flick the off switch in a heartbeat.

However, it isn’t that easy. The thoughts don’t magically disappear like we want them to. Christmas can also be a time of sadness and loneliness. It can also be a time of stark remembrance for some people.

It isn’t all about receiving new presents or eating a Christmas dinner piled high with food.

For some of us, our mental health problems get worse.

Christmas is probably one of the worst times for my mental health problems.

It’s a season of good will that I yearn for but one that I dread too. I get to relax and have time to myself but with that comes harrowing thoughts. It’s where the sleepless nights creep back in too, sometimes.

The support isn’t always there either unfortunately. Many don’t spare a thought for those that have a vulnerable mind.

Of course, Christmas is a time where family and friends are important but at 0:00 on Christmas Day, the thoughts don’t evaporate with the magical reindeer dust that’s laid on the floor.

At Christmas time we do let in light but we can’t banish the shade of mental health problems.

It can put more pressure on us to battle them and it can burn us out.

I won’t sit here and say that Christmas 2015 has been easy for me, because it hasn’t. The lead up to the new year may be a challenge for me too.

Just remember that as the new year celebrations come, the thoughts don’t disappear either.

Mental health problems never stop even when it’s the season to be jolly.


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