A “Safe Place”.

*Disclaimer* – I am not a medically trained professional. I learnt this in counselling as a way to cope with my emotions and I now use it to help with my mental health problems. Please do not use this in replacement of professional help.



In therapy, some therapists talk about a “safe place”. It means what it says. It’s a place that you can go to, to make you feel safe.

Some people think of something metaphorical. It can be an idealistic setting with your favourite things or people in.

I have a literal “safe place” – well a few… around my house.

I don’t have one safe place because I know that I won’t be able to be there all of the time.

I do different activities in different places – read a book, blog, watch TV and films…it really helps having multiple places because there are multiple things that help me when I’m feeling anxious or my OCD tendencies are racing.

Here are a few of the safe places in my home:

My Bedroom


What do I do in here?

This is where I meditate and where I sleep. This is where I stop using my technology and social media and relax. This is the place where I go to wind down from a day at university. The teddy in the room is there to help me relax too as it’s comforting. I know I’m an adult but it smells of lavender which calms me down. It’s a great place to settle my anxiety and my OCD, sometimes.

My Office


What do I do in here?

My office is a place where I do work and get ready for the day. It’s the opposite to my bedroom but I can also relax in here too. This is where I do my blogging (most days) and where I go to prepare for the day – whether it be putting on my makeup and doing my hair or picking out my “lazy day” clothes for when I’m spending the day in the house. It’s a place where I can go when I want a bit of organisation in my life.

The Sofa


What do I do in here?

This is where I watch TV and read my books. I do work and blog on the sofa sometimes but it’s mainly a place where I immerse myself in another world. It’s also the place where I spend time with my partner.

My Hallway


What do I do in here?

I do my yoga and meditation in the hallway. It’s a large and open space where I can spread out. I do most of my home exercises here too. It’s a place where I can be active and where I can relax too. It’s the pathway to many of my other safe places so it’s an important safe place for me.

My Bath


What do I do in here?

My bath is a place where I go to fully destress. It’s where I can concentrate on making myself healthy by following my morning and evening routines. I can also read or watch something online in here too so it’s multifunctional.

I’m not always in my house, so when I’m feeling anxious or my OCD tendencies are trying to take over, I think of a metaphorical safe place, for a few seconds and it can bring me back to normal.

It doesn’t always work but the majority of times that I try to do it, it does work.

I think of Disneyland Paris with dogs in it. Stephen Hawking is there with my family members and everyone is happy and well. Everyone is smiling and there’s little noise.

It’s as simple as that.

Do you have any safe places in your own home where you go to support your health and wellbeing? 

Let me know below!


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