2015: A Year in Mental Health.

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2015 has been a whirlwind year for mental health – funding, policy, awareness and everything in between.

Here are my reflections on mental health in 2015.



Time to Change, Mind and other mental health charities have done an amazing job tackling the stigma of mental health problems throughout this year. Although I’ve had a lot of personal stigma thrown at me, I’ve seen a decrease in the stigma against some mental health problems.

Not all mental health problems have seen their stigma decrease but we have moved in the right direction in 2015.


With every year comes awareness of mental health and mental health problems. Some of the most notable are Mental Health Awareness Week in May and World Mental Health Day in October.

This year, I think that we’ve done well to raise awareness of mental health – in terms of wellness and of mental health problems. It’s been a mixed bag, but we’ve raised awareness.

And that’s what we need to do.


We need more.

That is all.


Support from the Government has been steep but we’ve gotten some politicians to realise that mental health is a priority and that it needs parity of esteem.

Jeremy Corbyn also appointed a Minister for Mental Health in the Labour Party.

There’s still a long way to go, but we are making the case heard.

Child and adolescent mental health needs to be improved too. Early intervention avoids crisis. Simple. We aren’t doing enough. We need to do more.

Hopefully we will see a move to teach mental health awareness and mental health wellness in schools. A resolution for 2016?


TV and radio have been doing well at raising awareness and decreasing mental health stigma, but we’ve also had some flops too.

My highlight was the NHS Choir gaining a Christmas number one. Not directly related to mental health but it made me feel good!

What have your key moments been in mental health? Let me know!


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