Top 10 Essential Apps for Journalism Students

Journalism students should have many apps on their phone from news applications to apps that will help their personal and professional development. There are many apps that I could put on this list but here are my top 10 essential apps for journalism students.

  1. Twitter. 

Sometimes a story will break on Twitter and it will be the first platform to get the news. But Twitter isn’t just useful for news, it’s a great networking platform. Sending a tweet to a professional may land you more than just a favourite! Get a professional Twitter account though – keep your personal and professional separate.

2. Facebook.

Consider having a professional Facebook account. If you don’t want two separate accounts then consider having a declutter of your personal account, I now only post on Facebook when I have some professional news to tell people – be it a new goal or an opportunity that I have received. I also share news stories I have written or have found interesting. Breaking news stories are always great to share too!

3. WordPress/Blogger/Tumblr/Medium. 

Having a blog is a great way to show your writing skills. There are three main blog sites that are widely used but there are others. Personally I like to use WordPress. You can even sign up for an account but use the sites to look for other blogs. It’s a great way to make contacts too, so there’s another bonus! Medium can be used as a blogging site too.

4. Vine. 

I haven’t used Vine that much but it’s a great video app for capturing moments. The app lets you record 6 second clips that can be shared to various other apps. Think Periscope but shorter clips. (I would have put Periscope into here but I prefer Vine now!).

5. YouTube. 

This can help you with your personal brand if you want to be a broadcast journalist. You can create your own Youtube channel but you can also watch videos to help you develop your practice as a journalist too.

6. Any news application.

As I said in my previous post, reading news is important. You can download any news application from the BBC to Reuters. They will all help you stay up to date with the latest news. You do want to be a journalist after all!

7.  Pocket.

Pocket is a way to save webpages, videos or images into a metaphorical pocket for later. It’s helpful if you are on the move and don’t have time to look at something in the moment. I’ve used this a lot in the first 12 weeks of my course.

8. Instagram. 

Not only can you use this app for selfies in your personal life, you can also use it to show prospective employers your professional life too – for example your byline or your coverage of an event. It can also help you market your blog or YouTube channel.

9. Soundcloud.

If you are into podcasting, audio dramas or radio then Soundcloud is a great app to have as you can store all of your audio in one place. You can show prospective employers your audio work. Think of it as another portfolio and another place to showcase your skills.

10. Maps.

This may seem an obscure app to have on the list but you need to know where you are going. You may be sent out on a reporting job and you need to know where your destination is. I’ve used my maps application on my phone several times. You don’t want to end up lost and miss the deadline for your story do you?


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