A Blogger’s/Vlogger’s Christmas Wish List

Do you have a blogger in your life? Do you have a video blogger in your life? If so, there may be a few things on their list.

For the beginner blogger or video blogger, here are a few starter presents:

Planning is key for bloggers and vloggers so stationery is a must-have too! Notebooks and diaries keep our posts in check.

Here are a few ideas for stationery that will most certainly be appreciated:

  • A day per page diary.
  • Notebooks. (in different sizes)
  • A wall planner.
  • A Filofax (something many of us dream of!).

There are even blogging and vlogging books for those who want to make it into a career (it’s possible) or for those that get bloggers block and can’t think of content or ideas.

You could buy them a blog planner, a book full of content ideas or a how to: book. A quick search will help in this department!

If your loved one is a more experienced blogger or vlogger, upgrading any of the above would be appreciated! It depends on what you want to do!

It’s 5 days before Christmas so get in quick! I hope this gives you some ideas! Good luck!





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