OOTW: Outfit of the Week

My outfit of the week this week is my favourite so far. I picked up a few key autumn/winter items and decided to try some of them out. Here’s my favourite combination that I wore this week.

wpid-img_20151117_173600169_hdr.jpg  wpid-img_20151117_173802938.jpg








I’ll start from the top to the bottom to mix it up a bit then I’ll talk about my accessories.

The oversized poncho/cape is from Select – it was a bargain and to be honest I’d been looking everywhere for one! It’s a medium to large but I wanted it bigger – it feels like a blanket! Warm and fluffy, what more could you want?

Next is my striped dress which is also from Select. Vertical stripes are in this season and they help me out by making me look taller. It’s navy and brown which I haven’t seen before but I love it! It is quite a long dress for me but it works well with my next item.

My knee-high boots are my go to item. I’ve worn them quite a lot this week because they are very versatile. I’ve worn them with my leather skirt, my dress (as pictured) and with jeans. They are suede so I have to be careful in the rain and snow (if it comes this weekend). They are from River Island and were also a bargain. I’m all for bargains if you can’t guess by now!

I probably don’t need to mention my tights as you can get them from anywhere!

Moving on to the accessories…I don’t need to mention that a hat is also one of my key items for AW 2015. I love hats even though I only own two of them (so far!). My fedora hat was from Topshop and I bought it in the summer so it was a little bit cheaper.

For my jewellery I wore my rose gold necklace and matching earrings which are from TK Maxx and my watch which is an antique passed down in my family. I did wear a ring during the day which was from Primark but unfortunately it isn’t pictured. (I’ll post it on my Instagram when I wear it next!).

I got a few comments on this outfit so that’s why it’s my outfit of the week.

What’s your OOTW? 


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