Culture: My New Passion.

I was given the role of culture coordinator at Northern Lights a few weeks ago now and I’ve become very enthusiastic and enthused by the buzz of the job. I get to go to events, report on them and find other people to go to cultural events within Sunderland and the wider area.

Since being given the role I’ve visited the theatre and admittedly I love it even from visiting it once. (I should also mention it’s Love Theatre Day today!). I’ve also been given the opportunity to review music albums and of course attend arts, literature and other creative events. That’s why I haven’t blogged much on certain days – but I’m trying!

I’ve noticed that I’m seeking lots of opportunities around the culture sector too. As I mentioned in my Student Sunday Summary I’ve been given the opportunity to get involved with a project from the Customs House and I’m attending a Creative Futures launch soon, among many other events and meetings.

I could say that one person is to thank for this – he knows who he is if he’s reading this! But I’ve also got other people to thank for offering me the role. I didn’t think I would get it as I don’t have much experience “coordinating” people. I cried when I got the role in all honesty.

I never realised how much I enjoyed art and other creative subjects. I could not draw at school and still can’t to this day, but I love looking at paintings and other art; sculptures, drawings, installations etc. It’s similar with drama – I can’t act, although I’m helping with a lot of voiceovers at the moment. I love going to the theatre and watching independent films.

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll know that I have a lot of passions – from politics to fashion. I love a lot of things and culture has been added to the list indefinitely. I enjoy interviewing people and getting to know their thoughts – the whys and the hows?

You may also know that I am very fond of a podcast called 99% Perspiration. I listened to the podcast before I became a blogger for the brand but it has given me contacts within the cultural industry. I’m always on the go on Twitter looking for arts and culture organisations to follow in the North East.

Since culture is now one of my passions, I thought I should update you all on my cultural experiences. I write reviews of exhibitions and events for Northern Lights as often as I can so I may share them on What’s Up Wednesday too!

What would you like to see on Whats Up Wednesday? – culture, lifestyle or reviews. 



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