10 things you should know about alternative coping methods.

*Disclaimer* – I am not a medically trained professional therefore if you are concerned about your mental health or another person’s mental health then please seek professional advice. This is from what I know from my own personal experience of the disorders I have. Also alternative methods should not be used before trying other methods.

Unfortunately CBT did not work for me, for many reasons and I decided to recover on my own, using various methods. I use yoga, mindfulness and meditation and exposure to help me.

  1. Using alternative methods can help you cope with your mental health problems.
  2. There is nothing wrong with helping yourself get better.
  3. You can use them in conjunction with therapy and medication.
  4. You have to push yourself to do these things when you don’t want to. You need to self-motivate which can be hard.
  5. Once you are using your coping methods, then it becomes a lot easier.
  6. There are applications and websites that can help you learn these coping methods.
  7. You will feel better when you can manage your mental health problems on your own.
  8. You can do these things without having therapy or medication.
  9. You can ask your GP for advice on these things.
  10. It won’t be easy at first but it will get easier.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below!


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