Student Sunday Summary

I’ve been busy during my university reading week – writing articles, attending events and of course reading! I’ve had a few opportunities come my way in the past few weeks and this week in particular that I wanted to share with you all.

Before I begin I just want to put out a disclaimer – I am not “bragging”, I just want to share my professional experiences.

Number 1:

Last week I got to interview Andrea Faustini (the man who liked pugs on X-Factor). We did a telephone interview and as you can tell I was nervous! I was due to interview him in person on Thursday but the Christmas switch on was cancelled. I can’t make it on Tuesday for other reasons so I won’t be interviewing him in person unfortunately.

Number 2:

This week I was able to present and produce the Northern Lights podcast with Hafzah Zamir (AKA A Quirk of Fashology) who was featured on my blog last week. I had great fun doing it and we even started our own podcast – more to follow soon!

Number 3:

I also got the opportunity to talk to two Sunderland Members of the Youth Parliament before they headed down to the House of Commons. I really enjoyed doing this type of broadcast journalism and I want to do more of it in the future.

Stepping away from media and onto other opportunities which relate to my interests in blogging and in culture.

As you may know I’m culture coordinator at Northern Lights and I have been given a few opportunities this week because of that.

Number 4:

The Customs House is giving people an opportunity to get involved in the Takeover Team. I’ve asked to be involved and I got accepted! More information can be found here.

Number 5:

I’ve spoken about 99% Perspiration before here. This week I was asked if I wanted to become a North-East blogger for the podcast. Being a big fan of the podcast I said yes. I had a meeting with Jay (the content creator, producer and presenter of the podcast) and I became even more enthused with the idea. So I’m now officially a part of the 99% Perspiration podcast.

Number 6:

I’ve started writing for Kettle Mag. Short and sweet.

Number 7:

I have pretty much secured a placement at the Huffington Post in the summer next year shadowing a political journalist in Westminster.


Number 8:

I’ve been asked to attend the parliament soon to witness the launch of a cultural project. I don’t want to say anymore as I’ll be doing a blog post on it when I go!

So that’s that – a very creative and productive week for me.

What opportunities have you been given this week? 



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