100k+ With I’m Not Disordered Event.

Last night I let my hair down and left my hat AND glasses at home to attend the 100k+ with I’m Not Disordered event. This event was to celebrate I’m Not Disordered reaching over 100’000 views. The blogger behind it has been a friend of mine for a few months now and I was honoured to receive an invite.

If you’ve read my Outfit of the Week post then you will have seen what I wore. If you haven’t then click on it now to have a look!

It was raining and windy last night so I was tempted to stay in with my hot chocolate but alas I couldn’t because I wanted to be there to celebrate such as fantastic achievement.

The event was held at a swanky venue in Newcastle and when I arrived I had de-ja-vu – it was where I had my leaver’s sixth form party. Nostalgia filled the air from the beginning. But the place looked rather different. It was strewn in purple and white to correspond with the I’m Not Disordered brand. If I held an event it would be black, white and green! The room was decorated beautifully though!


My place card.


The table decorations.

We had some photographs taken with the host and headed to the Photo Booth for some pictures. I should mention that I took a plus-one with me which was A Quirk of Fashology, a fellow blogger.

The speeches were delivered by Aimee (the host blogger and the face behind I’m Not Disordered), her mother, Danny Bowman and Angela Slater. All four of the speeches were moving and brought a tear to my eye.

We got goodie bags during the event too which contained a special envelope!


A thank you note.

I met a few people whilst there too before the food came out.


Me and Danny Bowman.

Danny is a blogger that will be appearing on this blog very soon. I met him through Mentally Sound – a radio show that I volunteer with. Danny was there with other professionals who are important to mental health. I even met the Chief Executive of the Northumbria and Tyne and Wear Trust. A very important man and an important contact for me as a trainee journalist.

After food we networked a lot, speaking to different people and getting to know more about the people who have helped make I’m Not Disordered so successful. I even bagged a placement out of it and a contact which was great of course! I was there to celebrate Aimee’s achievements though – that was the main reason.

A big thank you to Aimee for inviting me to her wonderful event. A big congratulations again from me!


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