10 things you should know about CBT.

*Disclaimer* – I am not a medically trained professional therefore if you are concerned about your mental health or another person’s mental health then please seek professional advice. This is from what I know from my own personal experience of the disorder.

I have received a type of therapy known as CBT. This is a psychological therapy that is used for people who have mental health problems. It is usually used to treat OCD and anxiety disorders like the ones I have.

Mental health problems can be managed with many different types of treatment, from medication and therapy to alternative methods.

Here are ten things you should know about CBT:

  1. CBT stands for cognitive behavioural therapy.
  2. It aims to try and change the way that you think and behave.
  3. It can help you manage your mental health problems.
  4. CBT is delivered by a therapist.
  5. CBT is a short-term therapy which can last for up to 20 sessions.
  6. You need to commit to CBT for it to work.
  7. But even if you do CBT might not work for you and that’s okay.
  8. You can receive CBT on a computer, which is known as computerised CBT.
  9. There are many other forms of CBT – you can have it in a group and can complete CBT in a work book.
  10. Getting therapy for your mental health problem is not a sign of weakness.

There are other therapies out there besides CBT which can be used to treat mental health problems. This is one of the options.

If you have any questions about my experience of CBT then feel free to comment below.


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