10 things you should know about social anxiety. #TriggerWarning

*Disclaimer* – I am not a medically trained professional therefore if you are concerned about your mental health or another person’s mental health then please seek professional advice. This is from what I know from my own personal experience of the disorder.

Last week I did a post on health anxiety and here is my 10 things you should know about social anxiety post as I also have this type of anxiety. (Note: there are many different types of anxiety).

Trigger warning – discusses subjects that can trigger anxiety.

  1. Social anxiety is also known as a social phobia.
  2. Panic attacks are common with social anxiety but they don’t always come in the form of breathlessness. A person can shake, have heart palpitations or feel nauseous. I suffer from anxiety attacks where I shake and cry.
  3.  It is an overwhelming fear of social situations i.e. crowds, public spaces etc. Fear is the most important word here.
  4. The worrying will occur before, during and after the event. My worrying comes in the form of questions – Did I? Did they? What if…?
  5. It isn’t just about being shy around people, it’s constant worrying about the “what if’s”. 
  6. Social anxiety can be managed by therapy and medication. I feel able to manage mine on my own.
  7. Social anxiety can cause a person to become agoraphobic (fear of being outside). I had this at the start of my mental health problems – when I was at “crisis point”.
  8. It can decrease someone’s confidence and self esteem like any other mental health problem.
  9. Social anxiety is not just a fear of crowds or public spaces, it can include being scared to eat or drink in public, speaking on the telephone, shopping etc.
  10. It is known as a complex phobia as causes and symptoms can be different.

I hope this helps you understand a little bit more about social anxiety, if you have any questions then please ask below!


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  1. Thank you for your helpful advice. It’s concise and sharp.

    I think I might have some of this, though I don’t recognize a lot of the symptoms you describe. I wonder if it’s possible I have a milder form of it.

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