A Day in the Life of an Events Management Student.

I’ve been involved in a lot of events recently because of my new role as Culture Coordinator at Northern Lights so I decided to interview an events management student, namely one of my blogging friends – Amanda Bootes. Amanda is 22 and is currently studying a Level 2 Higher National Diploma in Event Management.


Here’s what Amanda had to say!

How did you get into your degree?

I always loved the Hospitality industry, and after 2 operations on my hand, I had to take a break from being a chef in order to not restrain another injury. I always wanted to end up as an Event Chef and not wanting to steer far from my love, I decided to go towards the management side rather than the Hands on Back of House side. I was a chef for 4 years and then trained as a Pastry Chef for 6 months in France. I have also been rewarded Chef of the Year 2 Years running, completed my Silver Service Certificate and Front of House Food and Beverage Qualifications.

What do you like about your degree?

I love that I am learning every aspect of the industry from the basics, up to the very complicated procedures, legal requirements and the industry secrets. My degree is very much technical, written based with hands on experience thrown in- so you get to put what you have learnt into practice. Because of all these wide range experiences you will be able to choose the path into the career you have chosen within the entire hospitality industry through this degree.

What are some of the challenges of your degree?

Getting back into education after leaving was definitely the biggest challenge for me, but it is worth it and it slowly comes back to you. The written side of the degree does prove difficult at times after being rather hands on in the back of a kitchen somewhere. Also learning and developing the confidence to be able to pitch yourself and understand the management side includes knowing every detail about myself and how I work, before I can understand how others do- and that is more difficult than you could imagine.

What do you think are some of the challenges in the creative sector/events sector?

The events sector is like Fashion or Technology- it is always advancing, trends are always changing and the legal requirements are always being updated and you need to be able to understand these, adapt to them and ensure that you are staying on trend. If you don’t there are a thousand and one other companies out there that are. The sector has boomed within the last couple of years and is continuing to do so- you are always fighting for clients.

How do you think your degree will help you?

My degree will allow me to prove to employers that I have all the necessary qualifications and abilities to be an asset to their company. A degree of hands on experience is needed and vital but unlike many jobs, Event Management companies do prefer a qualification on the back burner.

What do you want to do with your course?

I want to be able to run my own event company- that’s the future goal and the plan.

Why did you pick the events sector?

I picked the events sector, because it has always excited me- I love the idea that you are able to be planning something from an idea- through to a very real event. You could be doing a pink, fluffy baby shower one day to an alice in wonderland party to a Halloween special. Its varied and allows your creative juices to flow and that excites me so much. I love all aspects of the industry.

Describe a typical day on your course.

My course is very much lectured and written – with learning about management secrets, understanding our own learning processes, to food safety, legal requirements all the way through to contemporary, travel and planning.

Any advice for people wanting to get into your sector and/or the creative industry?

You need to have a love for it. Its a dog-eat-dog world within the event sector and if you don’t have the love and passion for it, you are going to quickly hate the position you are in. It’s long hours- but rewarding.

You can follow Amanda on:

Twitter & Instagram: @amandabootes
Youtube: amandabootes
Blog: www.amandabootes.co.uk



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