My Autumn Makeup Routine Items

*Disclaimer* – Other makeup brands and items are available.

After I’ve completed my skin care routine in the morning, I move onto my makeup. I always go for full coverage and either dramatic eyes or lips. For autumn I switch between a dramatic lip and dramatic eyes. Here are my go to makeup pieces for autumn:


Made on PolyVore

Made on PolyVore

Having a dewy-look is really important to me during the autumn months as my skin starts to dry up with it being colder. I still wear sunscreen in order to protect my face from the sun. As you can see Rimmel is one of my favourite makeup brands. I use an oil-based primer to make my skin oiler along with a liquid foundation to create a damp layer for the rest of my face makeup.

Concealer is a must for me too. I use the Long Lasting Concealer in the lightest shade. I have a birth-mark and a few freckles on my skin that I occasionally cover up. I cover them up in the summer as I want my skin to look flawless. I’ve trailed a lot of concealers including the Collection 2000 one, but this one works well – it isn’t a powder or a liquid, it’s in-between which works well for me.

To even everything out and to give my skin a glow, I use a bronzer and then some bright blusher. Both of the items shown above are the exact items I use. They blend into my skin nicely and give me a realistic and obvious glow. It really helps in the cold and highlights my natural blush.

Next comes highlighter. This is something I’ve been experimenting with this autumn. I prefer to use a liquid highlighter as I’ve found it works better on my face than other powder highlighters do. I use it on my cheeks and on my t-zone to give an even better glow to my skin. You’d think that it would make my skin oily, but in fact it balances me out, which is always a good thing for someone with combination skin.

To set my face products I use a translucent powder. My face looks natural and doesn’t alter the colour of the bronzer or blush. It ensures that my makeup stays on throughout the day.


Made on Polyvore.

Made on Polyvore.

After my face makeup I put on my eye makeup.

My go to eyeshadows are in the Naked 2 Palette. I got the palette for Christmas last year and I’ve used it nearly everyday since. I use the brown and copper colours normally, but I can be seen wearing the grey colours or a black smoky look from time to time.

I then line the bottom of my eyes with a kohl eyeliner. I don’t use a liquid or gel liner because it’s too heavy going for me and to be perfectly honest, I can’t get the hang of using them. I always use a black eyeliner because I have brown eyes – a slight line under and my eyes become more defined.

A girl can’t complete her eye makeup without mascara – or at least I can’t. I use the Seventeen Doll’d Up mascara. A few flicks and my eyelashes are good to go. I’m not one to wear false eyelashes, but I’ll give them a go sometime in the near future as I have an exciting event coming up.

My eyebrows are perhaps the most important part of my makeup routine. I wear glasses so my eyebrows have to be “on point” as they frame my face and my glasses. I use the Rimmel Brow This Way Kit or sometimes the Sleek Brow Kit (not pictured), both in medium. I outline my brows with the wax (the darker part) and then fill in my eyebrows with the lighter part. I then darken my eyebrows the Benefit’s brow darkener and finish it off with some clear eyebrow gel by Rimmel to set my eyebrows.

For brushes I use the ones from Wilkinson’s – they do the job! They are black and plain so they are easy to spot, no need for a picture!


And last but not least – my lips. Having used my lip balm in my skin care routine, my lips are nice and soft. I don’t use a liner but I do use moisturising lipstick from Rimmel. Rimmel is my go-to brand for lipstick.

Here are my favourite colours for autumn:

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 16.47.22

Made on Polyvore.

Reds, pinks and corals are great for autumn for adding a bit of pop. If I have a dramatic eye colour, I’ll go more towards a coral colour, but if I have a nude eye then I wear a bright colour – pink or red.

What are your favourite go to makeup items for autumn? 


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