Fashion: Should it Matter at University?

This week’s Fashion Friday post is going to be a bit different. I saw an article a few days ago about a student who dresses nicely for university. I thought I’d do a post about university and whether what you wear matters?

When I started university last year, I must admit that I didn’t care too much about makeup and my hair. I’d stick it up in a pony tail and wear minimal makeup. I was at university to learn. I cared about what I wore, but it didn’t matter if I was “on trend” or not. I was there to study and not to impress or be looked at. I was on a professional Social Work course and I had to look smart.

Throughout the first few weeks however things began to change. I looked at people around me on my own course and other courses and they dressed well. They were trendy and thought about what they were wearing. Not just slinging some clothes on the morning, hoping that they looked nice. This epiphany changed my sense of self and from then on I wanted to change how I saw fashion. I wasn’t really “into it” at the time but I went out and bought some new “trendy clothes” and my now-iconic hat and things changed.

From January this year, I made a promise to myself that I would care about how I looked. I would make sure that I picked out outfits that would make me feel more confident and would wear makeup and do my hair properly (and paint my nails from time to time) to feel better, after having tough times last year. This carried on until the end of my first year at university.

I bought clothes during the summer, but slumped back into my old habits – throwing jeans and something on over the top. I wasn’t at university so it didn’t make a difference, did it? I found out I was being accepted onto my Journalism course and that kickstarted me once again. I wanted to look “good” and “trendy” and I wanted to make an effort so again I bought more clothes!

When the first day arrived, I knew I wanted to make a good impression – smart clothes with my hair and makeup done. Many people came in with simple jeans and t-shirts and others like me dressed to impress. I wanted to stand out and to show that I was confident in who I was as a person.

People at university constantly mutter about “standards”. There are presupposed standards about what you should wear at university apparently. There are people that want to dress fashionably and be on trend and want to wear makeup and do their hair in a certain way to make them stand out. A la moi! And there are other people that simply want to come in wearing what they feel comfortable in. I feel comfortable being fashionable and others don’t. It’s a matter of opinion.

I wear my knee high boots, my leather pants, my white blouse and any other items of clothing in my wardrobe because they make me feel confident. I am normally asked why I wear heels and my answer is that I feel confident in them. I wear my hat because it makes me feel confident and hides my thin hair (in all honesty).

Fashion doesn’t have to matter to everyone and it doesn’t matter in every subject at university. Those studying Fashion Journalism may not have as much leeway as someone studying pharmacy because their degree is by it’s very nature all about fashion. I’m presuming there is a slight expectation to dress fashionably. Now I’m not a fashion journalism student but I’m interested in fashion and that’s okay.

Fashion shouldn’t matter in university or anywhere, but unfortunately it does because we lived in an aesthetically driven world and I’ve now been caught up in it.


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  1. I literally just came across your blog and love it! Got your self a new follower 🙂
    I’m a Swedish Fashion blogger based in London, would be awesome if you could check out my blog 😀

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    1. Thank you, I appreciate that!

      I’ll check it out definitely! 🙂


      1. I hope you like it 😀

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